1001 Tips to Conquer the Entire Hon Ong Nha Trang

July 15, 2020 6 mins to read

You won’t find the bustling recreational activities typical of other tourist islands at Hon Ong Nha Trang. This is the perfect time for personal or family exploration and enjoyment. Here’s how:

Hon Ong Nha Trang, also known as Whale Island, is one of the small island districts in the Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. Located far from the city center, it is simultaneously one of the nine most beautiful resort paradises on the East Sea, as introduced and recognized by CNN. Let’s explore this fascinating Nha Trang tourist destination with Vietnampeace.

A Glimpse of Hon Ong Nha Trang

Hon Ong Nha Trang, known as Whale Island, is a small island in Van Phong Bay. The island gets its name from the whales/dugongs that appear around it from February to May each year. This period coincides with the breeding season of jellyfish, clams, scallops, and whales/dugongs that come to hunt for prey.

Phong cảnh hòn Ông (Ảnh ST)

The scenery of Ong Island (Photo ST)

Hon Ong covers an expansive area of over 40,000 hectares with a spacious and refreshing atmosphere. The landscape is dominated by natural forests surrounded by the azure coastline and stretches of pristine white sandy beaches. The island is virtually uninhabited, devoid of human presence, making it a distinctive feature differentiating it from other tourist islands.

Morning on the island (Photo ST)

Where is Hon Ong?


Hon Ong is situated in the Van Phong Bay area, Vạn Thạnh commune, Vạn Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. This location places it over 100km from the central city of Nha Trang, requiring approximately a 2-hour drive.

How to Get to Hon Ong:

From Nha Trang, there are three ways to reach Hon Ong:

1. Bus:
– Take a bus from Nha Trang to Van Gia bus station.
– From there, catch a bus to Dai Lanh and alight at Co Ma junction.
– Use a motorbike taxi (xe ôm) to reach Dam Harbor, approximately 18 km away, costing around 70,000 VND per trip.
– A boat will pick up passengers at Dam Harbor and transport them to Hon Ong.

2. Long-Distance Bus:
– Head to the northern bus station (No. 1, 2/4 Street, Nha Trang City) to catch a long-distance bus on the Nha Trang – Tuy Hoa route.
– Alight at Co Ma junction for 50,000 VND per trip.
– Take a motorbike taxi to Dam Harbor for 70,000 VND per trip.
– Wait for the boat to transport you to Hon Ong.

3. Motorbike:
– Rent a motorbike and travel directly from Nha Trang to Dam Harbor.
– Park your bike at Dam Harbor and take a boat to the island.
– The advantage of traveling by motorbike is the flexibility to stop at any time to admire the scenery and take photos.
– The road from Co Ma to Dam harbor is lovely, with endless stretches of white sand on one side and the blue sky and sea on the other.

Embark on your journey to Hon Ong and enjoy the picturesque landscapes and diverse transportation options, each offering a unique perspective.

Cảnh sắc trên đảo (Ảnh ST)

View on the island (Photo ST)

When is the Best Time to Visit Hon Ong?

When exploring the coastal city of Nha Trang, the most beautiful and ideal time for tourism is during the dry season, from February to August every year. During this period, the Hon Ong area will be calm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, perfect for strolling, sightseeing, and immersing yourself in crystal-clear water.

Khung cảnh Whale Island khi chiều tà (Ảnh ST)

Whale Island at sunset (Photo ST)

What Activities to Enjoy at Hon Ong?

At Hon Ong Nha Trang, you won’t find the bustling recreational activities seen on other tourist islands. This is the time you can spend for yourself or with family to discover and enjoy through various activities:

1. Beach Relaxation:

Upon arriving, immerse yourself in Hon Ong’s cool, refreshing water. The area has gentle waves, making it safe for swimming, even for young travelers. The long stretch of smooth, flat sand is perfect for leisurely walks and beach bathing.

Mọi thứ ở đây hầu hết được làm từ gỗ, tre, nứa (Ảnh ST)

2. Scuba Diving at Hon Ong:

Diving at Hon Ong differs slightly from snorkeling. Scuba diving provides a breathing apparatus, protective goggles, and a life jacket. This activity is suitable for exploring shallow waters and nearshore coral reefs. Training is required before diving, and it offers a unique adventure underwater.

Despite the differences, both snorkeling and scuba diving provide an opportunity to explore the stunning underwater world of Hon Ong, making it a memorable and worthwhile experience.

Lặn ống thở trên đảo (Ảnh ST)

Scuba diving on the island (Photo ST)

3. Kayaking:

Kayaking is an alternative for those who prefer not to participate in snorkeling. This activity also guarantees absolute safety and provides all the necessary equipment for participants, including kayaks, life jackets, and paddles.

Thuê thuyền Kayak (Ảnh ST)

Kayaking (Photo ST)

4. Trekking Around the Island:

If you wish to explore the natural beauty of Hon Ong, join trekking tours to explore the surrounding forests and hills. With pristine landscapes, challenging paths, and high mountain ranges, trekking will take you to the most beautiful spots on the island. This experience lasts approximately 2 hours and covers the entire area.

Bản đồ hòn đảo (Ảnh ST)

Island map (Photo ST)

5. Snorkeling:

Experience snorkeling to observe lively schools of fish and marvel at coral reefs using underwater diving gear. This activity is famous and ideal in this location. Visitors have complete equipment, such as swimsuits, fins, and air tanks, ensuring safety and an exceptional underwater experience.

Lặn biển ở hòn Ông (Ảnh ST)

Snorkeling in Ong Island (Photo ST)

Hon Ong, the hidden jewel in Nha Trang’s coastal embrace, invites you to a haven of unspoiled beauty and unhurried bliss. Departing from the bustling tourist circuits, this intimate retreat unveils a sanctuary where nature’s wonders and serene pleasures harmonize. Whether you lounge on its pristine shores, embark on underwater odysseys, or explore the untouched landscapes through treks and kayaking, Hon Ong offers a unique haven for the discerning traveler. From February to August, the island reveals its most inviting allure during the dry season, embracing visitors with a temperate climate. Hon Ong is not just a destination; it’s a canvas of experiences, each visit etching a chapter in your narrative of discovery and tranquility. Answer the call of azure waters and untouched beauty – Hon Ong awaits as an uncharted paradise for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace.

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