Thi Vai Mountain in Vung Tau a place where you can go to heaven – An interesting weekend picnic

July 18, 2020 6 mins to read

Dubbed the “beautiful coastal city”, Vung Tau is not only famous for its attractive destinations, but also a peaceful place with the destination of Mount Thi Vai that attracts visitors. Here after the tiring pressure of work, urban living place.

As one of the places are increasingly attracting domestic and international visitors. It is not a noisy, noisy place or there are many entertainment activities, but this place is really like a charming painting of water, a place close to nature and clouds. A destination where visitors can relax their minds and breathe this cool space.

Núi Thị Vải - Địa điểm du lịch Vũng Tàu

Nui Thi Vai – Vung Tau tourist attraction (Collected photos)

Information about Thi Vai mountain, where to go?

The mountain belongs to Phu My town (Tan Thanh district, Vung Tau city). About 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, it is not difficult for tourists to come here as a resort. Guests can travel by various means such as cars or motorbikes. If traveling to Nui Thi Vai by car, visitors will easily take the initiative as well as time to come here. According to Highway 51, going from Ho Chi Minh City towards Vung Tau to Phu My town, visitors just turn right onto Provincial Highway 81 to go about 6km of asphalt road and about 2km of slightly bumpy trail to reach Thi Vai mountain. Time to Vung Tau is not too far, only takes about 2 hours.

Kinh nghiệm phượt leo núi Thị VảiExperience in climbing Thi Vai mountain (Photo Collected)

If tourists are passionate about traveling, can travel by motorbike. However, the road to Thi Vai mountain is quite round, difficult to go, and the road to the mountain does not have many gas stations along the way. Therefore, tourists should actively refuel and pay attention to the road signs.

uãng đường lên tới đỉnh núi trải dài khoảng 3km với những con đường ngoằn ngoèo là bậc thang đá

The road to the top of the mountain stretching about 3km is a stone staircase (Photo collection)

Thi Vai mountain is about 700m high above sea level, the distance to the top of the mountain is about 3km long with zigzag roads being stone steps. Not the flat roads but the climbing steps, dry so visitors should need to have good health and remember to eat enough before you start your journey. However, visitors should also pay attention to the weather to avoid stormy days because the road will be slippery and a bit difficult to go.

Kinh nghiệm leo núi Thị Vải

Experience in climbing Thi Vai (Photo collection)

Standing from the bottom of the mountain, looking up, Thi Vai Mountain appears as a majestic, lush natural picture covered with dreamy smog. Taking the first steps up the stairs, inhaling the fresh air here will make visitors feel comfortable and excited for their climbing. The space becomes poetic when listening to the sounds of the mountains, the murmur of wind mingling with the sound of birds chirping.

Thiên nhiên phong phú ở núi Thị Vải

Abundant nature in Thi Vai Mountain (Photo collection)

Tourists are surprised to get lost in the fairy forest with two sides of the road is rich nature, countless types of trees reach out to shade or long-lived old trees with time to lie on the rocks. Close to each other, undulating from the ground. Bamboo, luxuriant bamboo, or purple lagerstrokes stand still like a girl. The eagle trees are hugging and hugging people, the old trees grow their roots on the ground, plus many precious flowers blooming together with vines, which grow tightly around the ridge to give birth. exist. The sunlight shines through the sunshine through the gaps of the leaves, creating a natural picture with the dominant color of blue – Blue of the sky, green of the leaves, the green of the entire forest, which makes visitors feel more energized. amount to climb those stairs.

Bức tranh thiên nhiên hùng vĩ, xanh tươi bao phủ với lớp sương khói mờ ảo trông thật thơ mộng

A majestic, green picture painted with a layer of misty mist looks romantic (Photo collection)

Every visitor coming here will wonder about the name “Thi Vai” why the name was born. It is simply that there was a story in the past where there was a girl named Nu Tang Son – As the name was Ba Vai mountain, her parents died soon and her husband later died. Many forces came to harass her, so she decided to shave her head and go to the top of the mountain to become nine fruits. So not only because the Thi Vai mountains bestows nature to visitors, the fresh air here also makes visitors feel that their hearts are pure.

(Collected photos)

Along the way to the mountain, visitors will find there are many temples around. Listening to the temple bell echoes to bring visitors a sense of peace and tranquility, which does not have to be everywhere.

What does Thi Vai Ba Ria Mountain have?

Lien Tri Pagoda

Right from the foot of the mountain, visitors immediately saw Lien Tri Pagoda. This is the resting place of tourists before preparing for the journey to Thi Vai mountain climbing. The temple is located neatly below the foot of the mountain. Tourists coming here can visit the bridge for health, good luck for a safe and good trip that makes visitors feel soothing.

Chùa Liên Trì nằm gọn xinh bên dưới chân núi

Lien Tri Pagoda is beautifully located under the foot of the mountain (Photo collection)

Thuong Pagoda

Overcoming more than a thousand steps, visitors will make a pilgrimage to Thuong temple, also known as Linh Son Buu Zen pagoda.

Chùa Thượng núi Thị Vải

Thuong Mount Thi Vai Pagoda (Collected photos)

Tourists will go through the path covered with green moss and immediately see Thuong temple lying behind the trees. This is an ancient temple. Visitors to the place will see a very meaningful image of a majestic Dharma Buddha lying in the sky, next to the lotus lake and the tombs, but the Vajra statue is exposed and the Buddha image is standing among the clouds. la creates holiness.

Chùa Thượng

Thuong Pagoda (Collected photos)

(Collected photos)

Walking around the temple and praying for good peace, visitors will feel more peaceful and peaceful. Standing at an altitude of 750m, visitors overwhelmed with vast sky clouds here. There is nothing better than being immersed in the cool space here, feeling like all the sorrow is gone. Traveling with friends or family can prepare food to take away for relaxation or can be vegetarian in the temple is also a good suggestion.

Đứng từ trên cao nhìn xuống, trời đất Vũng Tàu bao phủ lớp sương mù

Looking down from above, Vung Tau’s sky and sky is covered with mist (Photo collection)

Standing from above, looking down to see the whole beautiful Vung Tau city, watching the sky and sky covered with mist, in harmony with the space here really makes visitors cherish these moments. Stay for a while, watch the sunset in the afternoon, the yellow afternoon sunlight fade away and make way for the dark sky of Vung Tau city. This is also a virtual check-in place for many young people coming here. Surely your journey will be better than ever.

Điểm check- in sống ảo của nhiều bạn trẻ khi đến Núi Thị Vải

Virtual check-in point of many young people coming to Thi Vai Mountain (Photo collection)

This is really an attractive suggestion for travelers who want to find a place to explore and experience as well as relax after a long tiring day. Don’t hesitate to come here right away. If you are planning to come here, you can book a room on VietNampeace system here


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