Tien Sa Lighthouse – One of Vietnam’s Most Beautiful and Ancient Lighthouses

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

Tien Sa Lighthouse has emerged as a “hot hit” among tourists, especially drawing in the younger crowd with its spectacular location, seamlessly blending the earth and sky and presenting awe-inspiring landscapes that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Da Nang, celebrated for its captivating natural beauty, is incomplete without a visit to Tien Sa Lighthouse. This iconic location serves as a gateway to a virtual paradise, ensuring an unforgettable experience for those exploring the enchanting City of Dreams.

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1. Exploring Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang

Where is Tien Sa Lighthouse?

Situated approximately 20km east of the city center, on the Son Tra Peninsula in the Son Tra District of Da Nang, Tien Sa Lighthouse is also known as Son Tra Lighthouse.

Built by the French, this lighthouse officially started operating in 1902. Considered one of Vietnam’s most beautiful ancient lighthouses, Tien Sa stands at a height of 15.6m, an average width of 2.7m, with a geographic view of 14 nautical miles and a light height of 238.4m. From here, you can easily enjoy the majestic natural scenery of the Son Tra Peninsula, overlooking the vast sea and the beautiful city of Da Nang. Tien Sa Lighthouse offers a unique check-in point, providing visitors with fascinating experiences.

This lighthouse is significant for seafaring fishermen, helping boats navigate and determine their positions in the Hue – Da Nang Sea region.

2. What Makes Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang Interesting?

2.1. Marvel at the Impressive Design of the Lighthouse

Visitors to Tien Sa Lighthouse cannot escape being captivated by its classic beauty blended with modern colors. The structure follows the architectural style of France. Despite the tests of time, it maintains a fresh look, thanks to its bright modern color palette harmoniously combining white and gold, standing out amidst the lush green forest. With this background, Tien Sa promises to provide Insta-worthy photos that satisfy the wanderlust of travel enthusiasts.

2.2. Immerse Yourself in the Romantic Natural Landscape

Strategically located on the Son Tra Peninsula, Tien Sa Lighthouse leaves many visitors in awe of its breathtaking scenery. When you are here, it feels like you’re standing at the convergence of earth and sky. On one side, there’s the lush green forest and majestic mountains, and on the other, the vast, dreamy sea, resembling a watercolor painting. Climbing to the top of the lighthouse, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the pristine mountains and the expansive sea with scattered boats, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

2.3. Capture the Spectacular Sunset Moments at Tien Sa Lighthouse

Sunset is the most sought-after moment by young enthusiasts at Tien Sa Lighthouse. As the sun sets, the entire lighthouse is bathed in a magical and enchanting pink hue. At this time, the sky shifts to shades of yellow and red, with colorful clouds drifting, creating a captivating and mesmerizing scene. Social media lovers will undoubtedly fall in love with this precious and beautiful sunset painting.

3. Tips for Visiting Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang

3.1. How to Get to Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang

Getting to Tien Sa Lighthouse is not tricky. Starting from the city center, follow the road leading to Linh Ung Pagoda and run along Phan Dinh Nghe Street, connected to Hoang Sa Street, until you reach the InterContinental Resort. There will be signs; turn left, travel about 2km, reach a junction, turn left again, and you’ll arrive at the lighthouse.

3.2. Ideal Time of Day to Check-in at Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang

If you are passionate about exploration and photography and want to capture the best moments at Son Tra Lighthouse, then visit during sunrise or sunset. However, for sightseeing and enjoying the spectacular natural scenery, it’s recommended to visit before 2 p.m. daily. This is the best time for clear skies, allowing you to easily admire the surrounding landscape, explore, and avoid the intense midday sun typical of the central region.

3.3. Things to Note When Exploring Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang

To make your visit to the lighthouse convenient, consider the following:

– You can travel to the lighthouse by car or motorbike. However, due to narrow roads, motorbikes are the preferred mode of transportation.
– As the road to the lighthouse can be steep and challenging, you may encounter signs indicating restricted access, but don’t worry, it is safe. However, checking the route beforehand is advisable to avoid getting lost.
– Due to the steep roads, ensure a firm grip on the handlebars when riding a motorbike and move slowly for safety. Also, check your vehicle thoroughly and fill the gas tank before heading out, as the climb can be fuel-intensive.
– Avoid relying heavily on the railing when climbing the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.
– Start your journey early for more time for exploration, and aim to return before dark for safety.
– Dress nicely, and ensure your phone is fully charged for taking Instagram-worthy photos of the beautiful scenery.

Tien Sa Lighthouse is an incredibly fascinating and unique destination in Da Nang that you cannot afford to miss. This place not only mesmerizes travelers with its beautiful and dreamy natural scenery but also serves as the coordinates for creating million-liked photos, leaving social media enthusiasts in awe. So, why wait? Gather your friends, plan a trip, and discover this fantastic check-in point in Da Nang.

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

Hải đăng Tiên Sa - Điểm checkin "chất lừ" cho giới trẻ

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