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Top 7 delicious Ben Tre dishes knocked down everyone

Ben Tre is the paradise of coconut, so everything here has the appearance of coconut, including food. Let’s take a look at the delicious dishes in Ben Tre with the appearance of “coconut” as well as many other strange and unique delights!

The delicious food in Ben Tre

1. Coconut rice

This dish is quite picky and takes time to make. To cook this dish, the rice needs to be carefully selected, the rice is rinsed with coconut milk, drained and put in the coconut cooked with water. Also the coconut used to cook this dish must be coconut Siamese.

cơm dừa bến tre

Ben Tre coconut rice makes a comeback (Image Collection)

Coconut rice is usually served with fried shrimp, but shrimp here are fried with coconut milk that has a tough, crunchy red color.

cơm dừa

Famous coconut rice

Famous places for eating coconut in Ben Tre: Ben Tre floating restaurant- Ben Hung Vuong, Ben Tre

2. Phu Da rice snail pancake

This is a rather strange dish in Ben Tre, filled with pancakes instead of meat, shrimp..like elsewhere, this is rice snail. Pancakes here are also served with mustard greens, lettuce, herbs, ..

bánh xèo ốc gạo

Rice snail pancake (Photo Collection)

This cake is a common daily dish and the famous place for selling banh xeo is in Con Phu Da, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre.

3. Tofu salad with coconut

Old jar of coconut is a nutritious dish, good for health, good for the digestive system and rich in minerals. From tofu coconut can be processed into a variety of dishes such as coconut tofu stir-fried shrimp, tofu coconut cooked with shrimp meat, tofu soup cooked coconut meat balls, … but worth trying perhaps coconut tofu salad.

gỏi củ hũ dừa

Tofu salad with coconut roots (Photo Collection)

Where you can find coconut tofu salad is the mandarins on Highway 60 BÌNH Phú

4. Bread dough soup

This is a Western specialty and other regions also known as rice flour soup.

Banh canh chopped in Ben Tre is often cooked with duck and dipped with ginger fish sauce. Banh Canh is chopped into small pieces of opaque white color and the broth is milky in color due to the rice flour that makes this dish unique.

bánh canh xắt

chopped soup

This famous place to eat banh canh canh in Ben Tre:


  • Banh Xat Soup – Ba Mu Bridge Market, Nguyen Hue, Ward 4, Ben Tre City
  • Bread Soup Chopped: Sugar bypass QL 60, KDC Sao Mai, Ben Tre City
  • Cau Doc bridge foot, ward 8, Ben Tre.

5. Wrapping rolls

This is a great dish to try when you come to Ben Tre.

bì cuốn

Popular dishes here (Photo Collection)

Wrapped with vegetables, bacon, vermicelli, vermicelli and hearing, When eating this dish, just roll with vegetables, vermicelli and then dip with garlic and chili sauce, you can feel the sweetness of vermicelli and crunchy The freshness of vegetables blends with the sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce. All will create an extremely interesting dish on these hot summer days.

bì cuốn bến tre

Ben Tre Packaging (photo Collection)

Address for eating delicious spring rolls in Ben Tre:

  • The cover of Aunt Hai Thoi: 59 Le Loi, Ward 2, Ben Tre City
  • Her heirloom shop is on the side of Ben Tre market

6. Bananas beat

chuối đập

Bananas Beating

This snack is associated with the childhood of the coconut. Bananas are often sold only at street vendors. The bananas here are ripe, peeled green bananas that have turned to yellow and then roasted. This dish will be dipped with tangy fragrant thick coconut milk.

chuối đập

Familiar food here

You can find this dish at the shops along Truc Giang beach, in front of Ben Tre town hospital gate.

7. Palm weevil

Perhaps this dish is the most controversial because not everyone is brave enough to try this dish.

đuông dừa

Coconut weevil fried (Picture Collection)

Coconut weevil, also known as coconut worm, is an insect whose main food is a fat coconut tub. People often process coconut palm weevil fried flour, baked weevils but probably cause “obsession” with many people, especially live palm weevils. Looking at the coconut weevil swinging in the bowl, not everyone dares to try.

đuông dừa sống

Coconut weevils live not everyone dares to try


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