Top 8 delicious Ben Tre dishes that “knock down” everyone

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

Ben Tre, the coconut paradise, infuses every aspect with the presence of coconuts, including its culinary scene. Let’s explore the delicious dishes of Ben Tre, featuring the ubiquitous coconut and other unique and delightful treats, with!

Delicious Dishes of Ben Tre:

1. Pho Hong Cuc:

Mention Ben Tre, and one immediately thinks of coconut specialties. However, a family has created its renowned brand in this land through the famous “Pho Hong Cuc.” Its exceptional pho flavor, unmatched anywhere else, sets Pho Hong Cuc of Ben Tre apart. Meticulous and perfectionist, Mr. Trung, the brand owner, consistently selects the finest ingredients and employs intricate cooking methods to create a pho that captivates the taste buds.

Not only does Pho Hong Cuc boast a prime location, but it also scores high in its interior design. Restaurant owner Mr. Quoc Trung envisions a comfortable dining experience, so the establishment is spacious and well-ventilated, with meticulously arranged tables and chairs. From the outside, the restaurant evokes the distinctive architectural features of Hoi An’s ancient town.

Over the 7-year journey of formation and development, from a small pho shop run by his mother, Pho Hong Cuc has become a household name on the culinary map of the coconut land. Simultaneously, it holds the title of “the best in Ben Tre,” earning much love from diners.

Additionally, the menu offers dishes like Beef Hotpot for 120k and Quach-style Hotpot ranging from 100k to 300k, depending on the number of diners.

– Branch 1: 106 3/2 Street, Ward An Hoi, Ben Tre City
– Branch 2: 363/4D Nguyen Van Nguyen, An Thanh A Hamlet, My Thanh An Commune, Ben Tre City

2. Coconut Rice (Cơm Dừa):

This dish is quite intricate and time-consuming. To prepare it, rice must be carefully chosen, soaked in coconut water, and then cooked. Additionally, the coconut used for cooking must be the xiêm variety.

Coconut rice is often served with crispy fried shrimp cooked with coconut water, resulting in a chewy, crispy texture and a reddish color. A renowned place to enjoy coconut rice in Ben Tre is the Ben Tre Floating Restaurant – Ben Hung Vuong, Ben Tre.

3. Coconut Snail Rice Pancake (Banh Xeo Oc Gao Phu Da):

A distinctive and flavorful dish in Ben Tre, where rice snails replace the usual meat or shrimp filling in banh xeo. This pancake is a daily local delicacy and is served with green mustard greens, lettuce, and aromatic herbs. Famous vendors are found at Con Phu Da, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre.

4. Coconut Bud Salad (Goi Cu Hu Dua):

Coconut bud is a nutritious and health-enhancing ingredient. One of the best ways to enjoy it is in the form of a coconut bud salad. Various eateries along National Highway 60 in Binh Phu are known for serving this dish.

5. Sliced Rice Cake Soup (Banh Canh Bot Xat):

A specialty in Ben Tre, this dish is usually prepared with duck and served with ginger-infused fish sauce. The sliced rice cake is translucent white, and the broth is milky-white due to the rice flour, giving the dish a unique appearance. Famous places to savor this sliced rice cake soup in Ben Tre include Banh Canh Bot Xat at Ba Mu Bridge Market, Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 4, Ben Tre City, and Banh Canh Bot Xat at Bypass Road QL 60, Sao Mai Residential Area, Ben Tre City, near Cau Ca Loc Bridge in Ward 8, Ben Tre.

6. Shredded Pork Rolls (Bi Cuon):

A delightful dish consisting of vegetables, pork belly, vermicelli, shredded pork skin (bi), and roasted peanuts. When eating this dish, simply roll it with vegetables and vermicelli, dip it in garlic chili fish sauce, and savor the combination of sweet vermicelli, crispy shredded pork, fresh vegetables, and the sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce. An intriguing dish, especially during hot summer days.

Good places to enjoy delicious shredded pork rolls in Ben Tre:
– Di Hai Thoi Shredded Pork Rolls: 59 Le Loi Street, Ward 2, Ben Tre City
– Traditional shredded pork roll shop next to Ben Tre Market

7. Pounded Banana:

This snack is reminiscent of childhood for locals in the coconut land. Smashed bananas are usually sold at street food stalls. The bananas used are ripe xiêm with green skin turning yellow, smashed, and then grilled. This dish is typically served with a thick, fragrant coconut cream. You can find this treat at stalls along the Truc Giang River, in front of Ben Tre Town Hospital.

8. Coconut Weevil (Duong Dua):

Perhaps the most controversial dish, as not everyone dares to try it. Coconut worm, also known as sâu dừa, is an insect whose leading food is the fatty coconut bud. Coconut worms are usually prepared by rolling them in batter and frying or grilling them. However, the sight of live coconut worms may be intimidating for many, and not everyone dares to try.

cơm dừa bến tre

Ben Tre coconut rice makes a comeback (Image Collection)

cơm dừa

Famous coconut rice

bánh xèo ốc gạo

Rice snail pancake (Photo Collection)

gỏi củ hũ dừa

Tofu salad with coconut roots (Photo Collection)

bánh canh xắt

chopped soup

bì cuốn

Popular dishes here (Photo Collection)

bì cuốn bến tre

Ben Tre Packaging (Photo Collection)

chuối đập

Bananas Beating

chuối đập

Familiar food here

đuông dừa

Coconut weevil fried (Picture Collection)

đuông dừa sống

Coconut weevils live. Not everyone dares to try.

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