Top 12 Affordable, Clean, Beautifully Decorated Homestays in Cần Thơ with Refreshing Natural Views

July 17, 2020 8 mins to read

Cần Thơ is a region with unique cultural and historical traditions. You’ll experience floating markets in the early morning and interact with the friendly people of the Mekong Delta. It would be a miss if you overlooked these top affordable, clean, and beautifully decorated homestays in Cần Thơ! Visit to discover the Western Capital!

1. N&D Homestay

  • Specific Address: K10, Street 24, Hưng Phú, Cái Răng, Cần Thơ, Vietnam
  • Service Prices: From 290,000 VND – 400,000 VND/night/room
  • Review: Quiet space, gentle design, close to tourist spots, overall entirely satisfactory, serene and comfortable surroundings.

N&D Homestay features rooms with stylish decor, adorable spaces, and beautiful interiors. Each room has a unique and exciting design. Despite being far from the city, it receives high praise for its service quality and appealing design. Each room has a private bathroom, offering shower and hot tub bath options, ensuring a relaxing experience after a fun day. The Homestay also provides a kitchen for cooking.

2. Út 12 Homestay

  • Specific Address: 177 Huỳnh Cương, An Cư, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ, Vietnam
  • Service Price: 800,000 VND for the entire upper floor (2 large beds)
  • Review: Super friendly and approachable host, open and hospitable staff, charming vintage look, with a refreshing lake view, close to many eateries.

Út 12 Homestay showcases vintage decor as soon as you step in, featuring old-fashioned TVs decorated in a classic style. The exterior is impressive, with a light blue wooden door and hanging flower pots on the balcony. Below the Homestay, there is a cute and delicious café.

Rooms on the second floor, above the café, are simple and elegant, and each room has a different decor style. The wooden floor adds charm, and the coordinated bedding enhances the joyful atmosphere. Additionally, there is a small balcony to enjoy the view.

3. K2 Homestay Cần Thơ

  • Specific Address: 60 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, An Hội, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ
  • Service Prices: From 223,000 VND – 523,000 VND/room/night
  • Review: Quiet, beautiful view, attentive host. K2 is ready to assist you upon arrival. Classic and modern blend, suitable for relaxing coffee sessions.

K2 Homestay is conveniently located about 1km from the center of Cần Thơ. It combines a natural and youthful style with vibrant colors. K2 features a design that blends modern and classic elements typical of the ancient Western region of Vietnam. The rooms are decorated with bright, youthful colors, creating a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. The highlight is the rooftop, providing a panoramic view of the city.

4. Mis Hotel

  • Specific Address: C27 Street 27, Hưng Phú Residential Area, Cái Răng, Cần Thơ
  • Service Prices: From 200,000 VND – 370,000 VND/room/night
  • Review: Clean and tidy rooms, reasonable prices, attentive and enthusiastic staff.

Mis Hotel, located about 4km from the city center, may not offer breathtaking views or spacious surroundings, but it compensates with well-decorated rooms, each with a modern touch. The rooms follow a bright color scheme, harmoniously combining white, blue, and dark brown. The highlight is the balcony, offering an exciting view of the sunrise and sunset.

5. Passé Homestay

  • Specific Address: 37/8B Ngô Văn Sở, Tân An, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ
  • Service Prices: From 240,000 VND – 1,800,000 VND/room/night
  • Review: Self-check-in with a code, spacious apartments, beautiful and calm bedrooms, tour booking, and motorbike rental services.

Passé Homestay is a renovated house with a strong influence on Indochinese architecture. The small details, tiled floors, and vintage furniture create a nostalgic atmosphere. The predominant colors in the rooms are white and gray, providing a cozy feeling. The balcony adds to the freshness, making it a perfect space for tea and conversation.

6. Queenie Homestay

  • Specific Address: 6/1 Lý Tự Trọng, An Phú, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ, Vietnam
  • Service Price: 490,000 VND/room/night
  • Review: Small and lovely with all amenities, friendly couple hosts, enthusiastic staff, located on the street with many good eateries. I am delighted with this place; it is incredible and reasonably priced.

Queenie Homestay offers an exciting space with many green plants, flowers, and a spacious garden. The Homestay is spacious and beautiful, with an incredible rooftop providing a city view. The predominant colors are brown and white, creating a warm atmosphere. The wooden furniture adds a touch of nature, making it suitable for families. Some rooms even have small windows for a refreshing breeze.

7. Art Hotel Cần Thơ

  • Specific Address: 42-44-46 Nguyễn An Ninh, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ.
  • Service Prices: From 150,000 VND – 1,150,000 VND/room.
  • Review: Beautiful and clean rooms, amiable staff, reasonable prices.

Art Hotel, meaning an art hotel, is conveniently located in the city center, making it easy to explore on foot. The rooms are designed to feature bright and elegant colors, cleanliness, and spaciousness. Due to its central location, the view may be ordinary, but rooms with balconies provide a glimpse of the bustling street. The Homestay is close to night markets, shopping centers, and cafes, just a few hundred meters away.

8. Mun’s Homestay

  • Specific Address: 56B Street 9, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ.
  • Service Price: 290,000 VND/room/night
  • Review: Clean, luxurious rooms, reasonable prices, spacious and airy.

Mun’s Homestay surprises visitors with its clean, well-designed rooms about 10 minutes from the city center. While the exterior may appear ordinary, the interior reveals individually designed and clean rooms. Despite its distance from the city center, Mun’s has convenient facilities such as supermarkets, a gym, and various cafes. The kitchen is fully stocked for guests who enjoy cooking.

9. Lato’s Homestay

  • Specific Address: 25 Street 4, Nam Long Residential Area, Cái Răng, Cần Thơ.
  • Service Prices: From 250,000 VND to 400,000 VND/room/night.
  • Review: Friendly staff, spacious and airy rooms, well-equipped bathrooms, parking available at the front of the Homestay. Bicycle rental and cafe services are nearby.

Lato’s Homestay combines a homestay and a cafe, offering a good stay in Cần Thơ. Despite being 4km away from the city center, each room is uniquely designed to blend nostalgia and modernity. Lato’s offers three room types, each with its distinctive style. The Homestay provides a comfortable and appealing atmosphere, with some rooms having windows for a refreshing breeze.

10. Happy Homestay Cần Thơ

  • Specific Address: 11 Lê Lai, An Lac, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ.
  • Service Price: 290,000 VND/room.
  • Review: The hotel has very comfortable, friendly, and pleasant staff, as well as clean and quiet rooms.

True to its name, Happy Homestay exudes joy and happiness. The Homestay is adorned with numerous plants, creating a fresh ambiance. It is tranquil, cute, and not extravagant – providing a serene and charming atmosphere. Inside the rooms, the leafy design brings a sense of comfort and relaxation.

11. Winter Spring Homestay

  • Specific Address: 65 Ung Van Khiem, An Hoi, Ninh Kieu, Cần Thơ, Vietnam
  • Service Prices: From 150,000 VND to 450,000 VND/room/night.
  • Review: Beautiful and clean rooms, friendly reception and staff, fully equipped. Especially for the affordable room rates, there’s a bathtub, ceiling fan (in addition to air conditioning), and breakfast assistance (if pre-ordered). Free self-service kitchen available.

Winter Spring Homestay, located 5km from the city center, offers a unique experience with its four-season-themed rooms. The design harmoniously blends bedspreads and landscape paintings representing each season. Each room has its distinctive style. The Homestay creates a feeling of being immersed in the beauty of nature.

12. Nguyen Shack Homestay

  • Specific Address: Ong Tiem Canal, Ward Thường Thanh, District Cái Răng, Cần Thơ.
  • Service Prices: From 100,000 VND to 800,000 VND/room.
  • Review: Tranquil and excellent lodging space. The staff is enthusiastic, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests, and breakfast is included.

Nguyen Shack Homestay embraces the charm of the Mekong Delta with its original rustic design. A getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Homestay is surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere with lush greenery and a small stream. Despite being 10km from the city center, the Homestay provides a unique experience with its simple interior design, large beds, and a refrigerator. The small swimming pool adds a refreshing touch, offering guests a relaxing space to enjoy fruits and hot coffee by the water.

Explore the captivating city of Cần Thơ through a diverse array of homestays, each weaving a unique tale of comfort and cultural richness. Whether it’s the artistic ambiance of Art Hotel or the serene charm of Nguyen Shack Homestay, these lodgings promise more than just accommodation—they offer a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Visit to uncover affordable, charming, and culturally immersive homestays, turning your Cần Thơ stay into a memorable chapter of your journey.

Green Garden Homestay

Ideal resort space in Can Tho (Image: Collection)

Green Garden Homestay

homestay Cần thơ

Romantic homestay scene in Can Tho (Photo: Collection)

homestay Cần Thơ

Can Tho Homestay has a unique design (Image: Collection)

homestay Cần Thơ

homestay Cần Thơ

Winter Spring Homestay Can Tho (Image: Collection)

Homestay Cần Thơ

Design a cozy resting space (Image: Collection)

homestay Cần Thơ

08 Homestay Can Tho (Image: Collection)

homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Cần Thơ

Western-style house (Image: Collection)

Homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Can Tho is cool and spacious (Image: Collection)

Homestay Cần Thơ

Photo: Collection

Homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Cần Thơ

An excellent homestay park (Image: Collection)

homestay cần thơ

Photo: Collection

Homestay Cần Thơ

Vintage bedroom (Image: Collection)

Homestay Cần Thơ

Homestay Cần thơ

homestay cần thơ

Resort space is many tourists choose (Image: Collection)

Homestay Cần Thơ

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