Top beautiful scenes in Dalat should not be missed

July 12, 2020 7 mins to read

Dalat always attracts domestic and foreign tourists with its romantic beauty filled with the scent of fresh flowers. Besides, the beautiful scenery in Dalat is a place that many domestic and foreign tourists want to enjoy once.

Top 10 Scenic Da Lat dreaming of attracting visitors

1. Ho Xuan Huong

Located in a prime location in the center of Ho Xuan Huong Lake, the city is one of the most beautiful sights in Dalat, not to be missed. Like the breath of Da Lat, the lake has stunning, romantic scenery, surrounded by pine forests and flower gardens.

Hồ Xuân Hương - những cảnh đẹp ở Đà Lạt

A corner of Ho Xuan Huong (Photo: collectibles)

Xuan Huong Lake is a 25-ha artificial lake with a crescent moon shape. Many favorite activities around the lake are sightseeing, horseback riding, double biking, duck riding, drinking coffee, and eating delicious food right by the lake.

2. Ho Tuyen Lam

When mentioning the beautiful scenery in Dalat, it is impossible not to mention Tuyen Lam Lake. Located 5km south of the center, the lake has a peaceful, shimmering beauty in a fairytale setting surrounded by a green pine hill.

Cảnh đẹp ở Đà Lạt - hồ Tuyền Lâm

There are many fun activities at Tuyen Lam Lake (Photo: collectibles)

Tuyen Lam Lake will be suitable for sports activities, such as fishing, boating, sightseeing in the middle of the lake, elephant riding, horse riding, sanding, etc.

3. Dalat Railway Station

If anyone asks what is beautiful in Dalat, will boldly answer that it is a poetic, romantic, and excellent climate. It has many attractions suitable for many visitors at home and abroad.

Ga Đà Lạt - cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

The unique architecture makes Dalat station always attractive (Photo: collectibles)

One of the most beautiful sights in Dalat is the ancient Dalat railway station, built in the French period. Draped in unique architecture, Dalat Railway Station stands out with three pyramids in the station area. That image represents the three highest peaks of Langbiang, combined with the beautiful traditional culture of the Central Highlands communal house.

The station now only serves tourism activities from the city to Trai Mat. Visitors can admire the unique culture and majestic natural scenery along the way.

4. Mount Langbiang

Langbiang Mountain is located in the Lac Duong district, 12km north of the city center. This is a suitable tourist destination for tourists who want to learn and explore the traditional cultural features of the Central Highlands.

Núi Langbiang - cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Fresh air on the top of Langbiang Mountain (Photo: collectibles)

Visitors will admire one of the beautiful scenes in Dalat and be told the beautiful love story between the guy K’lang and her H’biang. Because of conflict between two tribes, two people cannot get married. But for love, the K’lang and the H’biang escaped. Even so, they still could not escape the tribe of the tribe. Finally, two people died. The place where H’biang died turned into Mother Mountain, and the milk from her chest flowed out to form a cool stream. Later, those two mountains were named Langbiang.

5. Cu Lan village

The village is more than 20 km from the center of Dalat, deep in the pine forest, a new cultural tourist destination of the city. The way to Cu Lan village is beautiful and poetic when one side is a pine forest, so it is a clear and golden stream.

Làng Cù Lần - Cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Idyllic features in Cu Lan village (Photo: collectibles)

Tourists will want to come to Cu Lan village because of the peaceful beauty and idyllic countryside. Beautiful communal houses and unique sculpture statues highlight the beauty of the spiritual life culture of the Central Highlands people.

6. Dreamy Hill

Mong Mo Hill is a miniature space of beautiful scenes in Dalat. This is a clever mix of historical buildings and natural masterpieces.

Đồi mộng mơ - những cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Dream Hill tourist attraction (Photo: collectibles)

Here, visitors will admire the old house and the re-created image of the Great Wall. In particular, you will have a great holiday at the houses running along the hillside, surrounded by green pine trees.

Additionally, visitors are mesmerized by the gongs, music, and special performances of K’Ho ethnic festivals.

7. Valley of love

This is a beautiful Da Lat scene and an attractive tourist destination for couples and families. In this valley, you and your relatives will have a space to warm, tighten affection, and send exciting wishes on the branches. The Valley of Love is surrounded by Da Thien Lake (right next to Mong Mo Hill). All paint the pictures of charming, charming aqua.

Thung Lũng tình yêu - những cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Valley of Love is entire of flowers (Image: collectibles)

8. Phuoc Linh Pagoda

This is one of the places that tourists often mention, suitable for travelers who want spiritual tourism.
Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located at 120 Tu Phuoc, in the Trai Mat area, 8 km from the center of Da Lat City, on Highway 20, and made with 12,000 bottles of beer. Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a unique, sophisticated mosaic architecture, one of the beautiful scenes in Dalat not to be missed.

Chùa Phước Linh - Những cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Photo: collectibles)

9. Tran Le Xuan Palace

The phrase “Nam Nhat Nam” refers to the extravagant luxury of Tran Le Xuan Palace, located at 2 Yet Kieu, Ward 5, Da Lat City.

Biệt điện Trần Lệ Xuân - Những cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Tran Le Xuan’s extraordinary palace was once famous (Image: collectibles)

The palace was built in 1958 with three villas named by Mrs. Le Xuan: Bach Ngoc is the entertainment place of the family and the generals, Lam Ngoc – is the weekend place of Mr. and Mrs. Nhu-Xuan. The third apartment is Hong Ngoc, which Le Xuan built for her father, Mr. Tran Van Chuong.

10. Bao Dai’s Palace

Palace Bao Dai, also known as Palace III, is where King Bao Dai’s family is the last king of the feudal dynasty to live and work. The architectural features are meticulously cared for, and most treasures have been preserved.

Dinh Bảo Đại - Những cảnh đẹp Đà Lạt

Sights in Bao Dai Palace (Photo: collectibles)

The galleries, dining, entertainment, and entertainment areas of the princesses, panic, and queen help you imagine the king’s life at that time easier.

11. Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Da Lat

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is perhaps the temple with the city’s most charming and romantic scenery of a thousand flowers. Situated on a high hill, this beautiful spot is surrounded by lush pine forests and faces the refreshing Tuyen Lam Lake.

In addition to the serene natural surroundings, visitors can admire meticulous and exquisite sculptures. Notable works include statues of Thich Ca, the Van Phu Buddha, and the Bodhisattva Pho Hien. Whether you come to the monastery to enjoy the scenery or appreciate the architecture, the experience is enough to bring tranquility to your soul.

12. Hoa Son Dien Trang

This is another hot spot in Da Lat, drawing enthusiasts of travel and exploration. Hoa Son Dien Trang is nestled in a pine forest, where flowers, leaves, and grass emit a fragrant aroma year-round. Every corner of this place offers views of majestic mountains, resembling a beautiful painting.

Additionally, the location features various beautiful landscapes, such as a Buddha’s hand, a heart of love, and a Nữ Oa egg, providing ample opportunities for visitors to capture picturesque moments. Hoa Son Dien Trang maintains its natural and pristine beauty despite being a tourist attraction. A stroll under the remarkable pine trees is enough to evoke a sense of peace in your soul.

In addition to the above natural beauty in Da Lat, if you can visit the City of a Thousand Flowers, don’t miss exploring many other places to fully appreciate the romantic and dreamy charm of the foggy land.

13. Bao Dai Palace in Da Lat
14. Cloud Hill in Da Lat – a unique and captivating beauty
15. Pinhatt Peak with stunning natural landscapes
16. Chicken Church
17. Crazy House Da Lat with a mysterious castle-like appearance
18. Tran Le Xuan Residence – the first lady’s palace in the South
19. Pongour Waterfall – pristine and majestic
20. Thien Phuc Duc Hill
21. Robin Hill
22. Sculpture Tunnel – a legendary check-in point in Da Lat
23. Prenn Waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat
24. Da Lat Farm Milk

For those who have had the opportunity to set foot in Da Lat, the city leaves a lasting impression as a place with romantic and idyllic natural beauty. This small plateau has countless beautiful landscapes and exciting places to explore. Hopefully, the suggested beautiful scenes in Da Lat on will help you plan a detailed itinerary for your upcoming journey. But don’t forget that Da Lat and Nha Trang are famous tourist paradises, attracting many travelers for exploration and check-ins.

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