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Tourist spot Pongour Waterfall Dalat

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Da Lat that visitors want to explore is Ponguor waterfall – the waterfall is dubbed the “Nam Thien De Nhat Thac” of the South Central Highlands region. This is one of a masterpiece of nature bestowed with the treatment of thousands of flowers.

Thác Pongour một kiệt tác thiên nhiên

Pongour Falls a natural masterpiece (Photo Collections)

About 50km from Da Lat city , Pongour waterfall is located in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. If traveling from Saigon, visitors to the junction (belonging to Trung hamlet, Chai mountain) on Highway 20 towards Da Lat – Saigon, then turn to Pongour waterfall, go about 8 km more, visitors will reach the waterfall Pongour, also known as Thien Thai waterfall – impressive tourist destination in Dalat .

The legend and the name of Pongour waterfall

The name Pongour is originally French (Pon – gou: boss of white clay region). Coming to this tourist destination in Dalat, you will hear about an extremely moving legend. In the past, a beautiful female K’Ho chief named Kanai ruled in Phu Hoi – Tan Hoi – Tan Thanh lands.

With the ability to conquer wild animals, she has subdued 4 unusually large rhinos. Kanai and 4 rhinos have been reclaiming land and helping villagers to plant and protect territory against foreign invaders. As a result, people have a warm and happy life. One year, when Kanai was old and took her last breath, the 4 rhinos were hanging around not leaving their owners, sad not eating or dying …

Suddenly one morning when dawn had just opened, everyone was very surprised to see where Kanai rested in the magnificent beautiful waterfall. According to legend, Kanai hair stream has turned into clear, cool water, white foam. The pairs of rhino horns have fossilized into moss green table stones arranged from high to low, making the foundation for the waterfall to fall in Da Lat tourist destination .

Thác Pongour tung bọt nước trắng xóa

Pongour Waterfall releases white water foam (Photo Collections)

Discover masterpiece Pongour waterfall

Pongour Waterfall originates from the majestic Da Nhim River, to come and explore one of these wonderful Da Lat tourist destinations, you have two ways to get to the foot of the falls. A long main road with gentle slope should be quite easy to go and not be exhausted. The second road is shorter but many steps. This road is only for those who love adventure to increase the fun for the trip.

Down to the foot of the waterfall, visitors will be “overwhelmed” in front of Pongour waterfall, magnificent and majestic with a height of about 30m, 120m wide. Stream of water rumbled down from above into a large lake of white foam erupting throughout the mountains.

Thác Pongour nhìn từ chính diện

Pongour Waterfall seen from the front (Photo collection)

In the rainy season, the waterfall becomes more intense with strong water rushing down from above. The stone floors of stone table made white foam eradicate dung all over the space, the sound of the waterfall echoed throughout the sky. Therefore, from afar, visitors have seen water droplets splashing on themselves cool and comfortable.

In the dry season, the stream of water is more gentle, slowly pouring down into rocky layers that look like soft, smooth silk strips exposed on green mossy rapids, creating an ecstatic and captivating scenery . Moreover, visitors can step up the stone steps to see and touch the cool water, mossy stone shelves and save extremely unique souvenir photos at the tourist destination in Da Lat. this .

Guests will enjoy the beautiful and poetic scenery at dawn. When the sun rises at the top of the waterfall, the morning sunlight gently shines on the sparkling silver waters, the sound of the birds squeaking in four directions plus the sound of murmuring water makes you feel soaring and peaceful. to ecstatic.

Buổi sáng trong lành tại thác Pongour

Fresh morning at Pongour waterfall (Photo collection)

With its dreamy and majestic beauty, Pongour waterfall in Da Lat tourist destination was chosen to organize the spring festival on the full moon of January every year with many folk games and traditional cultural rituals. of indigenous peoples. This festival attracts a lot of cross tourists, especially young men and women who want to find their “half”.

In this program, you will see the beautiful folk dances of the ethnic groups living here. In addition, visitors can participate in fun games and enjoy the melodious melody of the gong and the aromatic cup of wine and barbecue of the locals.

Say đắm trong các vũ điệu tại lễ hội mùa xuân tại thác Pongour

Immerse yourself in the dance at the Spring Festival at Pongour Waterfall (Collected photos)

Coming to Da Lat, you should immerse yourself in the living space of Pongour waterfall, surely this will be a memory leaving an unforgettable impression on the journey to discover nature at the tourist destination of Dalat .

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