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Tram Huong Tower is a tourist symbol of Nha Trang city

Tram Huong historical relic is a famous tourist symbol of Nha Trang and is an attractive place not to be missed in the tour to this place. When traveling to Nha Trang, you not only see the beautiful shimmering beaches, white clouds, golden sunshine with long white fine sand beaches but also you can admire the beautiful architectural works, attracting tourists. calendar. Let VNTRIP.VN explore this famous Tram Huong Tower.

Tram Huong Tower in Nha Trang

Hình ảnh tháp trầm hương Nha Trang là biểu tượng của thành phố biển

The image of Nha Trang agarwood tower is a symbol of the coastal city (Image: ST)

The tower is located on Tran Phu street, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa, right at 2/4 square, next to Nha Trang beach . As a quite unique architecture, becoming a symbol of the city and put into operation on December 22, 2008, Tram Huong Tower is considered as a place for displaying images, introducing the beauty of Nha Trang, a a number of local products contribute to the cultural beauty, promoting tourism in Nha Trang Khanh Hoa.

Đêm Nha Trang tại tháp Trầm Hương

The tower glows in the lights at night (Image: ST)

When traveling in the coastal city, visitors will not be surprised by the breathtaking scenery in Nha Trang. In particular, visitors always choose Tram Huong Tower as a favorite destination. From 2008 to the present, this tower has welcomed a lot of visitors and received many positive feedback from visitors.

In order to make a more impressive impression on the beautiful beach in Nha Trang, the authority of Nha Trang decided to build a “sea flower art” project but this project was not completed as desired, resulting in a loss of funding. to strike and unfinished construction. Therefore, in 2008, Tram Huong tower project was built to replace the unfinished “sea flower art” project.

hình ảnh tháp Trầm Hương cạnh biển Nha Trang

Tram Huong Tower proudly stands on the coast of Nha Trang (Image: ST)

Tram Huong Tower has what?

Tram Huong Tower works with a special 6-storey structure that creates a harmonious beauty, including:

The basement is the technical room, the elevator, the electricity, the water, the toilets … to serve visitors on the move and ensure a stable operation at the tower.

The ground floor has the pentagon courtyard and the tower has 5 petals. This section will be retained including the main hall and four auxiliary halls, which are the place to display and promote the image of Khanh Hoa tourism with businesses. On the walls at this floor are sculptural details combined with the content displayed as luxurious reliefs.

Kiến trúc mang nhiều ý nghĩa của tháp trầm hương Nha Trang

The architecture carries many meanings of Nha Trang agarwood tower (Image: ST)

The first floor of the tower is connected to the large square yard, which is a place for tourists and locals to play and watch. At the foot of the tower are 5 large statues simulating the shape of the waves, bearing the breath of the coastal city. Up to the 2nd floor, the tower was built in layers like the petals of a flower. However, this unique architecture is also explained by people that it is the image of sails on the blue sea. In particular, the top floor of the tower is shaped like an agarwood core with an incense burner cage located on the top of the tower. However, it also has a different meaning to the sea, which is the image of a lighthouse illuminating the day and night, leading the way for boats on Nha Trang sea. Tram Huong Khanh Hoa’s architecture is not only unique and new, but also has many symbolic meanings, typical for this beautiful coastal city.

tháp Trầm Hương vắng vẻ về đêm

The beauty of frankincense tower in Nha Trang at night (Image: ST)

The four upper floors are the space for displaying art images, beautiful local images, the most idyllic activities, daily life … and rare marine life specimens such as bird’s nest and some real products. products, preparations represent bird’s nest products. Images of marine animals and plants … The paintings, artifacts are very vivid. Not only that here is also displayed all kinds of incense products, tools to burn incense as the name of the tower.

đài phun nước và tháp Trầm Hương

Tram Tower is beside the city fountain (Image: ST)

Tram Huong Tower has a special structure like a pen pointing the pen at the blue sky, creating a beautiful picture. Around the walls are lotus petals enveloping the tower. Interior space is using many transparent windows. Many open windows let visitors come here to admire the beauty, the motifs or products displayed here but also feel the sea breeze and sunlight. Standing from a floor of the tower, you can zoom in to see the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang beach.

tháp Trầm Hương bên đường phố Nha Trang

The tower with a unique shape attracts visitors (Image: ST)

The roof of the tower is where the spiritual tower is located – an empty structure with a diameter of 4.5m high 9m. Spiritual tower can be considered as the highlight of Tram Huong tower because of the beauty that you can feel from afar. In the morning, the spiritual pen tower is like a tasting incense burning, spreading the sweet scent to the whole beautiful dream city. In the evening, the spiritual pen tower is like a torch or a lighthouse, illuminating the whole sea, striking in the heart of the city. From this tourist site , visitors can enjoy the view of Nha Trang Bay as well as the whole city, where telescopes are also placed for visitors to observe.

mọi người đến thăm tháp Trầm Hương

Tram Huong Tower attracts locals and tourists (Image: ST)

With the beauty of elegance, always fragrant smell of frankincense , Tram Huong tower has become one of the typical tourist attractions, attracting tourists when visiting Nha Trang beach . Please go and feel. Wish you have a happy trip.


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