Should You Go on a One-Day Tour to Ben Tre and What You Need to Know?

July 17, 2020 5 mins to read

The question of whether to embark on a one-day tour to Ben Tre and what to experience in the land of coconut trees has captivated the interest of many travel enthusiasts. Fear not, as is here to spill all the exciting details about your one-day journey to Ben Tre.

1. Is a One-Day Tour to Ben Tre Worth It?

Before venturing into the coconut land of Ben Tre, everyone likely has explored various tour options with different durations. However, the most favored choice often boils down to the one-day exploration of Ben Tre. Here are some reasons to address whether a one-day tour to Ben Tre is worth it.

Optimal time to explore the most exciting destinations: Concerns arise about the limited time of a one-day tour, with the worry that you won’t be able to visit many places. However, current Ben Tre tours are meticulously scheduled to ensure you can visit as many attractions as possible while optimizing your time.

Cost-effective: A one-day Ben Tre tour typically ranges around 350,000 VND per person or less. Compared to more extended tours, this short journey helps you save on expenses, especially for meals and accommodations, while still allowing you to experience the fascinating aspects of Ben Tre.

Explore multiple places: Opting for a one-day exploration of Ben Tre leaves room in your itinerary to visit other famous destinations in the surrounding provinces of the Mekong Delta region.

2. Exciting Experiences in a One-Day Ben Tre Tour

2.1 Explore the Four Holy Beings: Dragon – Unicorn – Tortoise – Phoenix

The renowned region of the Four Holy Beings – Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, and Phoenix – is often highly recommended when asking whether a one-day tour to Ben Tre is worthwhile. Here, you can cruise through the waterways, visit bee farms, enjoy fresh coconut water, try making Ben Tre coconut candies, and indulge in unique local specialties. At Con Phung, you can also explore the Coconut Religion site, a notable religious structure in Ben Tre province.

2.2 Visit Fruit Orchards

Beyond being the land of coconut trees, Ben Tre is renowned as a paradise for various fruits in the Mekong Delta region. In these fruit orchards, hop on a local farmer’s cart to explore hundreds of fruit-laden trees, take a leisurely walk, inhale the fresh air, and indulge in a plethora of delicious fruits such as lychees, durians, green-skinned pomelos, sapodillas, oranges, and guavas.

2.3 Explore Historical Landmarks

In addition to eco-tourism spots rich in the cultural heritage of the coconut land, a one-day tour to Ben Tre also allows you to visit famous historical landmarks. Explore places like the Nguyen Thi Dinh Memorial Area, the Twin Coconut Tree Monument, the Dong Khoi Historical Site, the Cemetery Area, and the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Temple. These sites bear the heroic historical imprints of the land and its people, providing a deeper understanding of the revolutionary traditions and the sacrifices made by remarkable individuals for the homeland.

2.4 Savor Local Specialties

Your decision to embark on a one-day tour to Ben Tre will be solidified once you discover this region’s rare and unique local specialties. Throughout your journey, relish various enticing traditional dishes like sour fish soup with bong lau fish, coconut water-braised snakehead fish, coconut bud salad, Ben Tre-style coconut-infused snail stir-fry, coconut worm dishes, and coconut rice. Moreover, plenty of renowned restaurants and eateries to refuel your energy during your day trip, such as Ben Tre Floating Restaurant, Lang Be Village Restaurant, and Phuc Nguyen Chicken Rice.

3. One-Day Itinerary Suggestions for Exploring Ben Tre

To address whether a one-day tour to Ben Tre is worth it, provides a detailed itinerary.

7:30 AM: Depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre.

9:15 AM: Make the first stop at Chua Vinh Trang, one of the oldest ancient pagodas in the Mekong Delta. This pagoda showcases a unique blend of Khmer and ancient European architectural styles.

10:00 AM: Take a boat ride to Con Lan, one of the four islands associated with the legendary Four Holy Beings – Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, and Phoenix.

10:15 AM: Explore bee farms, enjoy honey tea, and learn about the traditional beekeeping practices of the locals. Afterward, experience paddling a three-leaf boat to visit fruit orchards on the island and savor the fresh fruits.

1:30 PM: Visit coconut candy workshops, where you can participate in the production process, from coconut husking and scraping to mixing, cutting, and packaging the finished candies. Then, head to Con Phung to explore the Coconut Religion site and traditional craft villages in Ben Tre.

2:45 PM: Arrive at a local restaurant to indulge in enticing local specialties. Afterward, take some time to rest before returning to Ho Chi Minh City. has just answered whether you should go on a one-day tour to Ben Tre, along with a detailed itinerary and exciting experiences awaiting you. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to schedule your one-day exploration of Ben Tre with your close-knit group! Before setting out, don’t forget to bring a travel guide to complete your journey.

Vẻ đẹp bình dị của tỉnh Bến Tre

The simple beauty of Ben Tre province (photo collection)

Hành trình về với miền Tây sông nước Bến Tre

Journey to the West of Ben Tre River

Hình dáng độc đáo của những lò nung gạch Bến Tre

The unique shape of Ben Tre brick kilns (photo collection)

Đờn ca tài tử Bến Tre

Ben Tre, amateur singer (photo collection)

sản phẩm thủ công được làm từ gáo dừa Bến Tre

Handicraft products made from Ben Tre coconut shells (photo collection)

Quy trình sản xuất kẹo dừa Bến Tre

Ben Tre coconut candy production process (Photo Collection)

Cá lóc hấp bầu

Snakehead snakehead fish (photo gallery)

Cá tai tượng chiên xù

Fried-eared fish (image collection)

Khu du lịch sinh thái Cồn Phụng

Con Phung eco-tourism area (Photo Collection)

Tham quan vườn trái cây tại Bến Tre

Visiting the fruit garden in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

Đi xe ngựa khám phá Cồn Phụng

Ride horse to explore Con Phung (Photo Collection)

Đi thuyền dọc các kênh rạch Bến Tre

Boating along Ben Tre canals (photo collection)

Chợ Bến Tre

Ben Tre Market (photo collection)

Chợ Bến Tre bày bán rất nhiều mặt hàng khác nhau

Ben Tre Market sells many different items (Photo Collection)

Tại chợ Bến Tre có bán rất nhiều hoa quả tươi

At Ben Tre market, there are many fresh fruits (Photo Collection)

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