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Travel to Hon Chao Da Nang with many interesting activities

Da Nang is known for many unique tourist destinations, one of which can not fail to mention Hon Chao, a new tourist destination of the coastal city. To change the atmosphere, escape the noise of urban life, the choice to come here is not a bad idea this summer.

Hon Chao is a new tourist destination available in Da Nang

Hon Chao is not only a famous location of the coastal city of Da Nang, but it is also in the top of the most beautiful islands of Vietnam to retain the wild and wild features. This tourist destination is well known and on the list of choices as the preferred destination for a vacation in Da Nang .

Điểm du lịch thiên nhiên, hoang sơ Hòn Chảo (Ảnh: ST)

Hon Chao’s pristine natural tourist site (Photo: ST)

This island is also known with familiar names such as Son Tra , Cu Lao Han and Son Cha islands. Over time, the rocks close to each other, creating a unique feature for this place. The top of the island is 200m higher than the sea surface, the island is nearly 60,000 m² wide and surrounded by black rock rapids protruding into the sea.

How to go to Hon Chao?

This tourist destination offers convenient travel for tourists and locals when it is located between Danang and Thua Thien Hue. When traveling in Da Nang, you can send things at the hotel and then go to the island to play. Tourists can easily move from the two main roads to the island by taking a boat from Tien Sa port and from the direction of Hai Van pass.

Đi ca nô đến đảo Hòn Chảo (Ảnh: ST)

Canoeing to Hon Chao Island (Photo: ST)

Hon Chao 550m from shore, will not take much time to reach the island, you just need to rent a canoe after 15 minutes or travel by boat more than 30 minutes you can set foot here. The island is located in the famous tourist destinations in Danang , though it has just been exploited but has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

The “wild” feature on the island

Hon Chao Island is not too large but has the advantages of diverse and mysterious terrain that is suitable for travelers who love to explore new lands. Because it is a new tourist destination, it has not been strongly invested in tourism. Hon Chao still retains its own pristine features, natural landscape of mountains and forests.

Vẻ đẹp thiên nhiên có tại Hòn Chảo (Ảnh: ST)

The majestic natural beauty (Image: ST)

Arriving here, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of the forest trees and the stones with many diverse shapes surrounding it. Breathing and enjoying the fresh air on beautiful days, stopping on Hon Pan will be a great experience for visitors.

Hình dáng toàn cảnh đảo (Ảnh: ST)

Panoramic shape of the island (Image: ST)

What is more, the scallops blooming yellow flowers on a corner of the sea, along with the blue sea, of the ways of sailing boats all make a unique picture that only Hon Pan can have.

Experience activities “unique”

On days when the weather is nice, visitors can see Hon Chao lurking in the mist. Traveling on summer days, visitors can unleash experience with scuba diving to discover the mysterious beauty deep in the sea.

Nhiều hoạt động vui chơi thú vị ở Hòn Chảo (Ảnh: ST)

Many fun activities (Image: ST)

Clear blue water clearly see the coral reefs with colorful, intertwined or seaweed, colorful fish. With the coral diving area of Hon Chao not too deep, it is easy to explore the beauty of the bottom.

Trải nghiệm những hoạt động mạo hiểm (Ảnh: ST)

Experience adventurous activities (Image: ST)

Hon Chao has a primeval forest with dense trees and rare creatures, typically chamois. For those who like to see the eagles and birds, come to Hon Chao you can see them firsthand. Visitors can also climb to the top of the mountain to visit a lighthouse dating from the French colonial period.

In addition, on the island there is a service for travelers to try adventure with a snorkelling diving tour, this activity is suitable for those who love exploring. At the shooting point, the crew is equipped with a gun and a diving gear, ensuring safety for visitors. When the boat stopped, the diving team shot fish into the sea and began the fishing trip.

Thử câu cá trên thuyền khi đến Hòn Chảo (Ảnh: ST)

Try fishing on the boat when you arrive at Hon Chao (Image: ST)

At night, visitors can take a fishing boat, squid around the island to see how to catch fish, or you can experience fishing yourself, pick up stone snails, her breast snails, oysters, abalone , crabs, prickles … stick on rocky rapids. These are the island’s own specialties, during your visit to the island you absolutely must enjoy these unique seafood dishes.

What is better than when traveling in Da Nang , you also discover the unspoilt island of Hon Chao. This will definitely be a memorable memory during your new experience experience. The island tour of Hon Chao is one of the hottest destinations this summer, with friends and family to explore the unique, strange and small crowds.


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