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Traveling famous Non Nuoc beach in Da Nang

Besides the famous My Khe beach, Da Nang also owns many beautiful beaches. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Non Nuoc beach. Owning to its rare beauty, surrounded at the foot of Marble Mountains, this beach makes the beach more attractive and attractive for tourists to visit.

Introducing Non Nuoc beach

Non Nuoc Beach is located in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City. It is about 8 km southeast of the city center. With a length of 5 km, this beach is like a green ribbon winding at the foot of Marble Mountains. Bringing soft beauty, exotic charm, the beach here has been combined with the poetic beauty of Ngu Hanh mountain to create an extremely beautiful picture of nature. Therefore, this place has been voted by Forbes Magazine (one of the leading magazines of the United States) as one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Currently, there are many high-class resorts built to serve tourists to play and relax.

Non Nước - Bãi biển nổi tiếng ở Đà Nẵng (Ảnh ST)

Non Nuoc – The famous beach in Da Nang (Photo ST)

Although, was put into tourism tourism many years ago but up to now this beach retains its inherent beauty. With fine white sand beaches, long blue sea and especially this place is hardly affected by the external environment. The sea is also quite windy so the waves are not too intense, along with long sandy beaches, so it is very suitable for tourists’ swimming.

Road to Non Nuoc?

The move to this location is also quite easy and convenient. Depending on your starting position, there will be different directions of movement.

If you go from Danang International Airport, you can move in the direction of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, this road will lead you through the famous Dragon Bridge of Da Nang, as soon as you cross the bridge you will continue to follow the avenue Vo Van Kiet, at the end of the road, turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap coastal road, continue to the intersection with Truong Sa street. From this point, you turn to Truong Sa Street and continue about 2 km to Non Nuoc beach.

Hình ảnh bãi biển Non Nước Đà Nẵng (Ảnh ST)

Image of Non Nuoc Danang Beach (ST Image)

If you come from the city center, follow Le Duan Street, cross the Han River Bridge. When you meet the roundabout, turn in the direction of Pham Van Dong. Continue to the end of Pham Van Dong Street, you will see the junction intersecting Vo Nguyen Giap Street, turn to Vo Nguyen Giap Street, take Vo Nguyen Giap Street to Truong Sa Street, from here you will go more About 2 km to the beach.

How to get to the beach?

The above information has helped you answer the Non Nuoc sea question where? and move like? But to get here you can go by any means? Transportation to this place is also quite abundant. If you like the freedom to explore and visit new things, you can rent a motorbike. This vehicle will help you be more active during the trip. In the city there are many places for renting a motorbike, the procedure is also very simple and fast. You just need to reset your ID card, pay the rent in advance and have a motorbike right away. Car rental ranges from VND 100,000 – VND 250,000 / car / day, which will vary depending on the type of car you want to rent.

Khung cảnh thanh bình trên bãi biển (Ảnh ST)

Peaceful scenery on the beach (Photo ST)

If coming here by motorbike, besides playing and swimming at the beach, you can also visit other places, around this area such as: Non Nuoc stone carving village, Ngu Hanh Son mountain …

In addition, taking a taxi is also a simple and convenient way. This is usually suitable for families or groups of friends traveling as it will save more money. In Da Nang there are also quite a lot of taxi companies so it’s easy to call the car. You can refer to some car brands such as VinaSun Green Taxi (0236 3 68 68 68), Han River Taxi (0236 3 72 72 72), Mai Linh Taxi (0236 3 56 56 56) …

Exciting experiences at Non Nuoc beach

Coming to Non Nuoc beach in Da Nang will be an ideal opportunity for you to enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation. Or feel cool when you are immersed in the blue water of the sea here. Not only that, there are many activities, services, attractive entertainment that you can unleash experience such as surfing, beach volleyball, fishing … After hours of fun, you You can recharge yourself with delicious and attractive seafood dishes made from crabs, shrimps, squid, snails … caught from the sea.

Một góc của bãi tắm Non Nước (Ảnh ST)

A corner of Non Nuoc beach (Photo ST)

When you come here, each person will have a unique way to enjoy its beauty. You can stroll around the coast, on the fine white sand to feel the peaceful, poetic scenery here. If you love to explore, or go deep into the green casuarina forest, to feel the fresh air, and the poetic natural beauty that nature has bestowed on this place. Or more gently with elegant pleasures like fishing. You should prepare a fishing tackle with a little bait with some young beer, then climb up a rock, let go of the fishing rod, sip some food with beer, it will be very poetic.

Du khách tới thăm quan du lịch tại đây rất đông (Ảnh ST)

Tourists visit here very crowded (Photo ST)

In addition to fun activities at the beach, you can visit Non Nuoc stone carving village located at the foot of Marble Mountains. Not only is the place preserving traditional cultural values, this village is also considered one of the attractive destinations for tourists coming to Danang.

Một thoáng nên thơ tại bãi biển Non Nước (Ảnh ST)

A poetic glimpse at Non Nuoc beach (Photo ST)

From here you also only take a few minutes to walk to visit, admire the majestic beauty of Ngu Hanh Son mountain brings incredible beauty to the incredible from 5 peaks symbolizing KIM – MOC – THUY – ASK – BLOW. In addition, you can admire the beauty of this mountain by taking a boat trip on Co Co River to have a more panoramic view of the beauty of this place.

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Điểm đến mà bạn không nên bỏ qua khi tới Đà Nẵng (Ảnh ST)

Destinations that you should not miss when visiting Danang (Photo ST)

Possessing extremely beautiful and interesting natural beauty, Non Nuoc beach promises to bring you entertaining and relaxing moments, unforgettable memories. If you have the opportunity to visit Danang, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful beach.


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