Two-grave Pine Hill – Uncovering the Lesser-Known Mysteries

July 12, 2020 7 mins to read

Indeed, you’ve heard of Pine Hill with Two Tombs in Da Lat. This place is considered a popular tourist spot in the city of mist due to its intriguing historical background. Let’s explore what makes Pine Hill with Two Tombs so fascinating with!

Đồi thông hai mộ địa điểm du lịch Đà Lạt nổi tiếng

Pine Hill with Two Tombs – famous tourist attraction in Da Lat (Photo collection)

Where is Two-Grave Pine Hill located?

Anyone visiting Da Lat will undoubtedly stop at this landmark, on Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. Located 6km east of the city center, Two-Grave Pine Hill stands on a high hill amid a vast pine forest, offering an incredibly picturesque and romantic atmosphere.

Two graves have stood atop the pine hill at this site for over 60 years. Legend has it that Two-Grave Pine Hill witnessed a tragic love story between a girl named Thao and a boy named Tam. This location is famous among locals and attracts visitors from near and far due to its fresh air and refreshing natural scenery.

This is a noteworthy attraction in Da Lat that carries many mystical and spiritual elements, sparking curiosity among tourists. Even without knowing the exact location, you can easily inquire with locals or use Google Maps for directions. Besides enjoying the scenery, you can also come for outdoor activities with friends and family. Instead of opting for popular spots like Bao Dai’s Palace or the Valley of Love, consider exploring Two-Grave Pine Hill to learn more about this enduring love story and witness the two graves up close.

Hồ Than Thở là một trong những địa điểm đẹp ở Đà Lạt

Than Tho Lake is one of the beautiful places in Dalat (Photo collection)

Guide to Getting to Two-Grave Pine Hill

After arriving in Da Lat, you can reach Two-Grave Pine Hill using various means of transportation, as it is only 6km from the city center. If you take a taxi, mention the name of this landmark, and the driver will likely be familiar with it. If you opt for a rented motorcycle, you can start at Da Lat Market, head towards Ong Dao Bridge, and find Tran Quoc Toan Street. Here, turn onto Yersin Street and ride along Nguyen Trai Street. Proceed to Quang Trung, then turn onto Phan Chu Trinh Street to reach Ho Xuan Huong Street. There are signs directing you to Lake of Sighs and Two-Grave Pine Hill.

What’s at Two-Grave Pine Hill?

Visiting this place allows you to hear the sad love story and appreciate the pristine beauty of the mountainous forest here. Although the two graves on the hill add an air of mystery to the scenery, the pine forest maintains its serene beauty. Undoubtedly, the natural surroundings will leave you enchanted, as efforts have been made to enhance the place by planting numerous flowers and decorating with small scenes to alleviate the somber atmosphere caused by the two graves for visitors.

This is an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil space to immerse themselves in nature. You’ll be able to let your soul follow the winds through the trees, leaving all worries behind.

Đồi thông bên hồ là địa điểm đẹp ở đà lạt cho đôi lứa hẹn hò

Pine Hill by the lake is a beautiful place in Dalat for dating couples (Photo collection)

But life is not a long dream, short-lived happiness such as gang …

Tragic Love Story at Two-Grave Pine Hill

The story unfolded in the South before 1975, and though much time has passed, the sorrow of this love story continues to linger in the landscape to this day.

Tâm, a son of a wealthy family in Go Cong, Tien Giang, came to Da Lat to study at the Vo Bi Da Lat School. Thảo, on the other hand, hailed from a poor civil servant family in the highland city of Lang Biang. They met and developed a deep connection, falling passionately in love. They vowed to be together in marriage in the future. After graduating, Tâm returned to his hometown to discuss marrying Thảo with his parents. However, things didn’t go as planned; Tâm’s family vehemently opposed the union because Thảo’s family did not meet their social standards. Tâm’s parents, in an attempt to make him forget his past love, insisted he marry a stranger. Tâm, desperate and unwilling, enlisted in the military to try and forget his heartbreak.

But once again, tragedy struck this love story. Thảo received news that Tâm had passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, she took her own life on March 15, 1956, at Two-Grave Pine Hill, where the couple had made promises to each other. Following Thảo’s wishes, her family buried her at the foot of the pine hill. Ironically, when the death announcement reached Tâm, he was not deceased. When he returned to Da Lat that year to visit his loved ones, he was devastated to hear that Thảo had taken her own life because of him. He wept bitterly in front of her grave, feeling guilty. Later, he followed his beloved in death, leaving a final letter to his family, expressing the desire to be buried next to Thảo so they could be together in the afterlife. This wish was fulfilled, leading to the creation of Two-Grave Pine Hill. The lake at the hill’s base was subsequently renamed Lake of Sighs, bearing witness to this tragic love.

However, after 1975, due to Tâm’s elderly parents being unable to visit the grave in Da Lat regularly, they exhumed his remains and brought them back to Tiền Giang. Meanwhile, Thảo’s family still maintains her grave out of sympathy for this faithful love. This poignant love story has become an endless source of inspiration for poets, writers, and musicians. Despite more than half a century passing, the echoes of this sorrowful tale continue to resonate deeply in the minds of travelers when they recall the lingering ambiance of this tragic love story.

Đồi thông hai mộ trở thành địa điểm tham quan ở đà lạt nổi tiếng

“Hill of pine two tombs” became a famous tourist attraction in Da Lat (Photo collection)

The Mysteries Surrounding Two-Grave Pine Hill

Two-Grave Pine Hill has been the site of numerous suicides and discovered homicides, contributing to a belief that the place is haunted. The eerie and desolate atmosphere further fuels rumors and speculations. The combination of gloominess and emptiness often leads people to believe in the supernatural. However, due to its remote and tranquil nature, many take advantage of the solitude to fabricate unreal stories, aiming to capture the curiosity of tourists. Therefore, when you visit Two-Grave Pine Hill, approach it with appreciation and admiration for the love story of the past without worrying or fearing anything unfounded.

Some Tips for Visiting Two-Grave Pine Hill

What to Wear:

As this is a spiritual and memorial site, it’s advisable to dress modestly and respectfully. Opt for neat attire. If you plan to take beautiful photos, consider wearing a long-sleeved sweater and a knee-length dress, as the forest air can be chilly. Avoid wearing overly revealing, short, or inappropriate clothing. This is a simple way to show respect for the departed.

What to Bring:

Visitors often come here out of curiosity and sympathy for the profound love story of the departed couple. Therefore, bringing incense and fruits to express your sincerity is common. However, it’s perfectly fine if you choose not to bring anything; what matters most is your heartfelt sincerity.

Two-Grave Pine Hill is always an intriguing stop on the journey to explore places in Da Lat. The deep love story of Tâm and Thảo often moves those who set foot here. If you have the opportunity, visit Two-Grave Pine Hill to preserve memorable moments and appreciate the beauty of this place.

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