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Unique pink glow at Domaine de Marie Church in Dalat

The flower city of Dalat not only has famous tourist attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, beautiful waterfalls but also hidden among peaceful hills and mountains is the Domaine de Marie Dalat Church with Unique pink color and typical architecture, attracting many hearts love traveling. Vntrip.vn discover this place right away!

About Domaine de Marie Church Dalat

Also known as Mai Anh Church, located on Ngo Quyen Street, nearly 1km from Dalat, Domaine de Marie Church was built from 1940 to 1944 by Jean Decoux.

Domaine de Marie Church in Dalat is home to the Sisters of Charity. These nuns often knit scarves, sweaters and sold to tourists when they come here. Perhaps because of that, the church is also known as the Dalat church that sells sweaters.

Nhà thờ Domaine de Marie Đà Lạt

Located on Mount Mai Anh – where there are many cherry blossoms, Domaine de Marie church has unique and innovative architecture

Located on a hill with many cherry blossoms, Mai Anh Church was built in European architectural style in the 17th century. The church campus was built on a land of a total area of 12 hectares. With attractive Western architecture, especially the bright pink color of the church, this place has become a must-visit tourist destination in Dalat “list-to-go” on the journey of Youngers.

Domaine de Marie church architecture

The campus is large, quite close to the center of the flower city of Dalat, Mai Anh Church is also built in a solemn European style but somewhat more modern than other churches in Dalat.

The vestibular is designed in the shape of an isosceles triangle. At the top there is a cross. The front has the spear shaped window. These details are very specific, similar to the French churches in the late 17th century.

The vestibule of the church is designed in an isosceles triangle

The roof of the church is shaped like the communal houses of ethnic people in the Central Highlands. The roof is quite steep, the wooden rafters are made subtly, making the space in the church more solemn.

On the campus of Domaine de Marie Church in Dalat, you can see many kinds of flowers such as hydrangeas, Mam Wolf, … the most prominent flower is Hai Tien. Behind the church there is a complex of buildings built in an innovative style. This adds to the solemnity and solemnity of the church.

Nhà thờ Domaine de Marie Đà Lạt

The church campus has many kinds of flowers such as hydrangeas, Mem Wolves, and Hai Tien

Behind the church is a complex of buildings built in an innovative style compared to 17th-century European architecture

A unique feature of Domaine de Marie church is that the entire church is painted in deep pink peach petals. In the sunlight, the church seemed more and more splendid and gorgeous. Not only that, on misty days, the pink color of Domaine de Marie is like peach blossom petals, hiding behind the mist but it is still enough for us to feel agitated by this unique beauty.

Very especially when it was first built, the church did not have a bell tower. However, at present, Mai Anh Dalat Church has built a further row of bell tower buildings behind the main building.

Going to visit Domaine de Maire Church in Dalat, you cannot help but be impressed by the statue of Our Lady standing on a 3 meter high globe, weighing up to 1 ton, made in the model of a Vietnamese woman at the hands of design of a French architect.

Architecture inside the church

Hour of Domaine de Maire church, Da Lat city, Lam Dong

Domaine de Marie Da Lat church hours are 17h15 on weekdays, on Sundays 5h45 and 16h30.

With the uniqueness of Asian and European cultural interference, the combination of Western classical style and folk architecture of the ethnic groups in Vietnam, Domaine de Maire Church in Dalat appears as a bright spot. difference in tourist map of Dalat ancient churches. In the chilly atmosphere of the foggy city of Dalat, it will be really interesting when you come to visit and enjoy the unique beauty of this church.


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