Van Phong Bay is a bestowed natural beauty in Nha Trang

July 15, 2020 9 mins to read

Van Phong Bay stands like a precious gem amidst the vast sea near Nha Trang. Gifted by nature with pristine and tranquil beauty, Van Phong is a masterpiece of nature that you would regret not witnessing with your own eyes.

Khung cảnh rừng núi ôm trọn biển nước tại vịnh Vân Phong (Ảnh: ST)

The scene of mountains and forests embracing the whole sea of water in Van Phong Bay (Image: ST)

1. Introduction to Van Phong Nha Trang

Located approximately 80km from the coastal city of Nha Trang, Van Phong Bay is likened to a serene gem amidst the expansive ocean. Embracing a wild and peaceful charm, this place resembles an ivory masterpiece depicting the majestic beauty of nature in a city bathed in sunlight and wind.

What draws travelers to Van Phong is the unique “underwater” road, a one-of-a-kind experience in Vietnam. This road is submerged under the sea, leading to Diep Son Island, about 1m wide and knee-deep, providing an exhilarating yet exciting experience of walking on the sea.

Toàn cảnh trên cao siêu đẹp của đảo Điệp Sơn (Ảnh ST)

Panoramic view of Diep Son Island (Photo ST)

What draws travelers to Van Phong is the unique “underwater” road, a one-of-a-kind experience in Vietnam. This road is submerged under the sea, leading to Diep Son Island, about 1m wide and knee-deep, providing an exhilarating yet exciting experience of walking on the sea.

The thrilling yet exciting sensation leaves many visitors both nervous and exhilarated. However, with the courage to walk halfway, you can stand in the middle of the vast ocean, marveling at the magnificent and endless natural panorama.

on đường uốn lượn, rộng khoảng 1 mét và nằm sâu dưới mặt nước biển trong xanh chưa đến nửa mét. (Ảnh ST)

The road is winding, about 1 meter wide, and less than half a meter deep in the clear blue sea. (Photo ST)

2. Getting to Van Phong Bay

To immerse yourself in the breath of the sea here, you can choose to travel by boat for a comfortable journey. Covering a distance of only 30km and passing through Nha Phu Bay, traveling by boat offers you the opportunity to admire the vast sea landscape, feel the fresh air, and hear the gentle rhythm of the waves.

However, the waves might hinder your immersion in the sea via boat, so road travel is also an attractive option. The stunning scenery of Van Phong Bay is everywhere, and any mode of transportation will leave you satisfied and in awe of the magnificent painting here.

+ Traveling by bus: Ticket prices for a trip to Van Phong Bay range from 220,000 VND to 360,000 VND. You can purchase tickets at Mien Dong Bus Station and then go to Van Gia, Vạn Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province.

+ Traveling by train: Trains will go directly to Van Gia, with ticket prices ranging from 400,000 VND to 600,000 VND. To avoid disrupting your sightseeing schedule, booking train tickets 1-2 months in advance is advisable as they sell out quickly.

+ Traveling by motorbike: The road to Van Phong Bay boasts breathtaking natural scenery that attracts many adventure and travel enthusiasts. If you want to experience the thrill of exploration and fully enjoy your journey on every stretch of the road, traveling by motorbike is an ideal choice.

The ideal time to visit Van Phong Bay is during the summer. The natural beauty, embraced by sunlight and a pleasant climate, provides a comfortable and refreshing feeling for your sightseeing and leisure trip.

Đi bộ trên con đường này đem lại cảm giác vô cùng thích thú, xen lẫn hồi hộp và một chút sợ hãi khi bạn phải bước giữa đại dương bao la (Ảnh ST)

Walking on this road feels extremely interesting, mixed with suspense and a little scary when you have to walk in the middle of the ocean (ST Image)

3. Unique Attractions in Van Phong Bay

3.1 Son Dung Village (Xuan Dung) in Van Phong Bay

Completely separated from the hustle and bustle outside, Son Dung village is home to only 11 households of the Đàng Hạ community, offering a peaceful and serene space. This uniqueness gives the small coastal village a pristine and peaceful beauty, suitable for travelers seeking tranquility after hectic hours.

Additionally, the beach, as beautiful as a painting, has amazed many. When visiting this place, you will immerse yourself in the clear water, looking at the bottom of the sea like a giant mirror reflecting the city of Nha Trang.

Visiting this area, you will also be thrilled to discover the magical underground freshwater stream beneath the white sandy beach. While the surroundings are salty seawater, digging a small hole in the sand allows you to quickly feel the cool and fresh freshwater spreading. This freshwater source serves as the main water supply for the lives and activities of the residents.

Những hộ dân sinh sống ngay trên biển nước Vân Phong (Ảnh: ST)

Those households living right on the sea of Van Phong (Photo: ST)

3.2 Watching the Sunrise at Mui Doi

An ideal place to catch the earliest sunrise in Vietnam is Mui Doi. Recognized as a national scenic monument in 2005, this place is a favorite spot for travel enthusiasts to set up tents and capture breathtaking sunrise moments.

With the pristine beauty of many rock formations, Mui Doi exudes a majestic presence like a sculpted masterpiece created by skilled craftsmen. This unique point has captivated the hearts of many travelers who set foot here.

Standing at Mui Doi – the easternmost point on the mainland, you will quickly observe the vast and majestic seascape covered by clear and expansive water. To fully enjoy the sunrise, you can camp overnight here and wake up early to welcome the dancing morning light on the ground.

Mũi Đôi là điểm cực Đông mà dân phượt cả nước đều muốn chinh phục (Ảnh ST)

Double Cape is the easternmost point that people across the country want to conquer (Image ST)

Cảm giác chinh phục được một điểm đến thực sự rất thích thú (Ảnh ST)

The feeling of conquering a destination is exciting (Image ST)

Mũi Đôi chính là được đón ánh bình minh sớm nhất trên dải đất hình chữ S (Ảnh ST)

Double Cape is the first sunrise to be seen on the S-shaped strip of land (Photo ST

3.3 Whale Island (Cá Voi)

A point that will leave you amazed and delighted when you arrive at Hon Ong Island is the color of the water here. Unlike other sea areas, Hon Ong Island is likened to a gem in the open sea with its uniquely green, emerald-colored water that resembles a beautiful gem.

Visitors coming to Hon Ong Island will immerse themselves in the clear and tranquil water, escaping the hustle and bustle of the modern world to become like children, enjoying every wonderful moment here.

If you want to find overnight accommodation here, there is only one resort – Whale Island Resort. Although there is only one resort in this peaceful island paradise, the attentive service here will surely satisfy you.

Vô vàn những mỏm đá độc đáo trên vịnh (Ảnh: ST)

Countless unique cliffs on the bay (Image: ST)

Hòn Ông được biết đến là hòn đảo hoang sơ mang trong mình vẻ đẹp đầy mê hoặc (Ảnh ST)

Hon Ong is known as a pristine island full of enchanting beauty (Image ST)

Whale Island Resort (Ảnh ST)

Whale Island Resort (Photo ST)

3.4 Explore Dam Mon Peninsula

With an area of up to 128 km2, the Dam Mon Peninsula includes 20 large and small islands and 30 beaches. This place is famous for its vast primeval and lush green virgin forests. Exploring here, you will immerse yourself in the peaceful coastal fishing village, feel the clear water, and see the white sandy beaches.

You can experience many entertaining activities at Dam Mon, such as snorkeling to see coral reefs, swimming in cool water, and other shore activities. Besides, the pristine beauty of this place is also the main inspiration for many photographers from all over the country.

One of the most popular activities many travelers love to experience here is snorkeling to observe coral reefs. With a diverse ecosystem and many vibrant coral reefs, Dam Mon allows you to explore a different world under the sea, adorned with various types of coral for a perfect picture of Van Phong Bay’s nature.

Ở đây không có sóng xô bờ ào ạt, mà chỉ có từng gợn nước lăn tăn khi mỗi cơn gió nhè nhẹ thổi lướt trên mặt nước (Ảnh ST)

There is no rushing rush. There are only ripples when every gentle breeze blows across the water (Photo ST)

3.5 Coral Paradise on Cỏ Ống Island

The unique highlight on the magnificent canvas of Van Phong Bay is the vast coral reefs on Cỏ Ống Island. Dubbed the paradise of coral, coming to this island will make you feel like you’ve entered a unique underwater world. Just touch the water, and you will sense the vivid coral reefs beneath.

To fully enjoy the beauty of this land, it’s recommended to visit during low tide. This is the perfect moment to admire various coral reefs “on land” without diving into the deep sea.

Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ đầy bí ẩn (Ảnh: ST)

The mysterious wild beauty (Image: ST)

Người dân địa phương làm việc trên vịnh phong (Ảnh: ST)

Locals working on Phong Vinh Bay (Photo: ST)

3.6 Hon Gom Peninsula

Last but not least is the natural landscape of Hon Gom Peninsula. You will enjoy the scenery here on the way from the mainland to Hon Gom. Along the way, many rock formations protrude from the sea surface with various shapes and colors that fascinate many travelers.

With your rich imagination, you can easily see the uniqueness of these formations that may remind you of miniature rock islands in the middle of the sea or discover a “white stork” when passing by a rock formation and many other unique shapes like being “sculpted with pottery.”

Những cụm san hô khổng lồ ở Vân Phong (Ảnh: ST)Giant coral clusters in Van Phong (Image: ST)

Bán đảo Hòn Gốm (Ảnh ST)

Hon Gom Peninsula (Photo ST)

Những khối đá nhô cao lên trên mặt biển tưởng chừng như những cánh buồm khổng lồ khiến ta liên tưởng đến hình ảnh "Nhà hát Con Sò" (The Opera House) ở thành phố Sydney nước Úc (Ảnh ST)

The rocks protruding above the sea seem to be giant sails, reminiscent of the “The Opera House” in Sydney, Australia (Photo ST)

Vẻ đẹp của vịnh Vân Phong từ trên cao (Ảnh: ST)

The beauty of Van Phong Bay from above (Image: ST)

Thảm san hô nhiều màu sắc (Ảnh ST)

Colorful coral carpet (Photo ST)

Vào buổi chiều khi thủy triều rút cũng là lúc “sản vật” của biển cả - rau câu xuất hiện (Ảnh ST)

In the afternoon, when the tide recedes, is also the time when the “produce” of the sea – seaweed appears (Photo ST)

Ở đây có rất nhiều vũng nhỏ nên khi nước rút, tôm cua kẹt lại trong hốc đá rất nhiều (Ảnh ST)

There are many small puddles, so when the water recedes, the crabs and crabs are trapped in the rocks a lot (Photo ST)

Hidden in its pristine and quiet beauty, Van Phong Bay will undoubtedly capture your affection once you set foot here. All the places within the bay carry their own unique and peculiar beauty.

Attracting millions of visitors yearly, Van Phong Bay will enchant you with its beauty and irresistible charm. In your next journey, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the masterpiece of nature at Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang!

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