Exploring the Khanh Son Stone Instrument Treasures in Nha Trang

July 15, 2020 4 mins to read

During a visit to Nha Trang in the province of Khanh Hoa, travelers are in for a unique experience as they discover the local tale surrounding the Khanh Son stone instruments. According to local folklore, these are ancient musical instruments dating back to the early days of human existence, notably the legendary stone instrument of the Raglai people. Since 1978, this national treasure has been unearthed and preserved in the mountainous region of Khanh Son.

bảo vật nhiều du khách muốn chiêm ngưỡng

Khanh Son rock group – treasures many tourists want to admire (Photo collection)

The Stories Surrounding the Legendary Stone Instrument

The Khanh Son stone instrument set consists of 12 slabs of varying sizes, first discovered in Trung Hap commune, Khanh Son district, in 1978. At that time, Mr. Bo Bo Ren, a Raglai individual, brought the stone instrument to perform during the recognition ceremony of Trung Hap commune, which was awarded the title of Heroic Commune by the state for its contribution during the resistance against the United States.

Since then, scientists have delved deeper into this musical instrument’s study and concluded that it is the oldest type of stone instrument ever discovered in human history.”

Đàn đá Khánh Sơn được nhiều các nhà nghiên cứu trong và ngoài nước đến thăm quan

Khanh Son stone group is visited by many domestic and foreign researchers (Photo collection)

The story goes that Mr. Bo Bo Ren’s family discovered this set of stone instruments around 1947 while clearing a field. The set comprises 12 stone slabs, meticulously carved with varying lengths. The heaviest slab weighs 30kg, while the lightest is 9kg. When struck, they produce crisp, warm, and soaring sounds, creating melodies as intricate as a musical instrument.

Mr. Bo Bo Ren brought the 12 stone slabs home and arranged them into two sets, each with six slabs of different sizes.

Bộ đàn đá gồm 12 thanh đá có kích thước lớn nhỏ khác nhau

The set consists of 12 stone bars of different sizes and sizes (Photo Collections)

What’s most intriguing is that each section of a stone slab produces a different sound. Therefore, depending on the user, the instrument can generate various compositions, ranging from gentle to vibrant, from resonant to warm.

The most resonant point on each stone slab is the area with the smoothest erosion, indicating meticulous craftsmanship in determining the optimal positions to create the best sound.

Đàn đá Khánh Sơn được biểu diễn rộng rãi tại các chương trình lớn

Khanh Son stone band is widely performed at significant shows (Photo collection)

The smooth erosion further proves that this set of stone instruments was used long before Mr. Bo Bo Ren discovered it. Scientific researchers have indicated that the Khanh Son stone instrument set was crafted by prehistoric humans, dating back approximately 2000 to 5000 years. Hence, this makes it the oldest ancient musical instrument created by humans on Earth.

Interesting Sightseeing Spots in Nha Trang

The Khanh Son region is an excellent choice for travelers seeking unique and fascinating attractions in Nha Trang. Khanh Son is the residence of the Raglai ethnic group, known for their hospitality, sincerity, and friendliness.

Bạn hãy đến chiêm ngưỡng cây đàn đá Khánh Sơn và nghe các nghệ nhân chơi đàn điêu luyện

Come to admire the Khanh Son stone piano and listen to the virtuoso playing the virtuoso (Photo collection)

The mountainous forest in this area preserves its pristine beauty with lush greenery simple and cozy stilt houses. Sitting around crackling fires in these stilt houses, visitors will hear the village elders share intriguing and unique stories of the Raglai people that have been passed down through generations.

Shocking are the tales of the Khanh Son stone instrument, and visitors can directly listen to the crisp, resonant sounds from the oldest ancient stone instrument crafted by humans. These sounds echo thanks to the skilled hands of the artisans here.

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the urban streets, travelers venture to the Khanh Son mountains to explore an interesting Nha Trang sightseeing spot, where a centuries-old stone instrument awaits. Undoubtedly, you will have fascinating experiences.

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