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Visit the island princess palace – The place to mark historical pages of national hero

Con Dao is an attractive tourist destination because it has been dubbed the “tourist paradise” in recent years. Con Dao possesses wild nature, clear beaches, fine white sand captivating tourists everywhere when setting foot here. In addition, this place also imbues with the history of the nation expressed through the name “hell on earth” and through famous landmarks such as Con Dao prison, island palace … Is the island palace the destination? It is impossible to miss when coming to Con Dao, the home of many kings, containing many stories hidden inside.

Dinh chúa đảo - địa danh nổi tiếng ở Côn Đảo

Palace of the Island – famous landmarks in Con Dao (photo St)

Historical monument of Dinh Chua Island

Also known as the Great Palace, the Governor’s Palace was formed between 1862 and 1876 with the island’s infrastructure. The Palace has a total area of 18,600m2 which includes the main house, annex and garden and other auxiliary works, the gate overlooking Cau Tau. This place was formerly the home of 53 island kings including 39 islands during the French colonial period and 14 island kings during the American empire over 113 years.

Không gian rộng lớn thể hiện sự xa hoa của chúa đảo ngày xưa

Large space represents the lavishness of the ancient island lord (Image St)

The island lord is the headquarters of the prison system. The Palace is also the place where the orders, conspiracies and tricks of the enemy are aimed at exile and kill the Palace, embodying two opposing lives: the luxurious life of the island lord and the hardships of the enemy the prisoners.

Danh sách các chúa đảo từ năm 1954 - 1975

List of lords from 1954 to 1975 (Photo Collection)

Among the 53 kings of the island, there are names whose cruelty has made a very beautiful paradise named “hell on earth”, the name of Andouard island in French times is one of them. However, in 1919, Andouara was brutally punished by a prisoner at his lair.

Cổng dinh chúa đảo

Island palace gate (Photo Collection)

At the island king’s palace, the royal houses live a luxurious and magnificent life of domination. Contrary to the affluent life of the brutal island lord is the miserable, poor life of the prisoners. In the palace garden, there are often dozens of prisoners who have to do hard labor and serve all activities, eating, dressing, staying … of the island lord.

Phía trước dinh chúa đảo

In front of the island lord (Photo St)

The island lord was also the place where the first revolutionary government was established in Con Dao in 1945 and the day the island was completely liberated in 1975. Since the liberation day of May 1, 1975, the island palace has been used as a showroom. presents Con Dao historical relic site to date.

Nơi ở của các chúa đảo thời kháng chiến

Residence of the island princesses during the resistance war (Photo Collection)

Coming to the island’s palace, you will be able to see and feel compassion for those who have fallen because this is where dozens of prisoners have to work hard and sell bones to sell for the king’s life. the island lord.

Bức ảnh dinh chúa đảo thời xưa

A picture of an ancient island palace (Photo Collection)

It can be said that the island’s palace today is a valuable evidence to denounce the crime, is a large library of Con Dao with French documentary images, fully preserving the prison title, date and time of execution in France. school.

Sân vườn - nơi xuất hiện hình ảnh của những tù nhân lao động khổ sai thời xưa

The garden – the place where old prisoners of labor appeared (Image Collection)

The showroom of the island palace also displays 4 main topics: Con Dao – the country – people, Con Dao – hell on earth, Con Dao – the revolutionary struggle school, Con Dao – revolutionary historic site now and in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.

Cầu Tàu đối diện dinh chúa đảo

Pier opposite the island palace (Photo Collection)

In addition, the room also displays a thematic photo of Con Dao prison from 1908 to 1916. With nearly 700 artifacts, the display image also partly communicates to the public about the true evidence of the lost sacrifices. cool, evidence of the colonial and imperial crimes committed for generations of patriotic Vietnamese and revolutionary soldiers in Con Dao prison.

Dinh chúa đảo nay là phòng trưng bày di tích lịch sử đảo

Island Palace is now a gallery of island historical sites (Photo Collection)

From 2000 to the present, the management of the monument has also collected more than 6,000 records of Con Dao political prison over the period, 266 physical objects, 542 photo and paper materials to supplement the gallery. , most clearly denouncing the crimes of the island gods during the resistance war.

Dinh chúa đảo là bộ máy đầu não cai quản tù nhân ở nhà tù Côn Đảo

The Island Palace is the brain machine that governs prisoners at Con Dao Prison (Photo Collection)

The paintings illustrate the process of forming Con Son land, along with the time of the ruler of the islands, to learn the ancient history when our people were enslaved to the islanders in each period, imprisoned. and brutal torture. Come here to feel the truest and express your mercy to the poor prisoners, show your heart to the dead heroes here.

Chúa đảo là người cai quản, điều khiển toàn bộ đảo, nhà tù

God of Island is the ruler and controller of the whole island and prison (Photo Collection)


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