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Visit the largest mountain of Marble Mountain, Marble Mountains in Danang

Thuy Son is the largest and highest mountain of Ngu Hanh Son (Non Nuoc), famous in Da Nang. Thuy Son possesses beauty in which the convergence of the sky and the lyrical waters, and many profound values of spirituality, culture and history.

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Marble Mountains Danang (Image: ST)

Thuy Son mountain is located about 8 km southeast of the center of Da Nang city, in the territory of Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district. Thuy Son is located on the tourist route of Da Nang – Hoi An beautiful and bustling.

Thuy Son Mountain is the largest, highest and most beautiful mountain among the mountains of Ngu Hanh Son (Non Nuoc) – a famous landscape in Da Nang, with a height of 106 meters and 7 hectares wide. There are also many temples and caves among the 6 mountains of Ngu Hanh Son.

Thuy Son tops viewed from above (Image: ST)

Like other mountains in the Ngu Hanh Son range, Thuy Son possesses very own beauty in terms of location, shape, material of rocky mountains, temples, caves. Thuy Son mountain has 3 peaks which are 3 stories like 3 stars in Dai Hung constellation (or Tam Thai). Thuy Son possesses beauty in which the convergence of the sky and the lyrical land and many profound values of spirituality, culture and history.

Tam Thai Temple (Image: ST)

There are two roads to the temple and the cave at the top of Thuy Son : the east is the gate of 108 steps leading to Linh Ung Pagoda , the west is the gate of 156 steps leading to Tam Thai Pagoda. Usually visitors will follow the West gate to the mountain and down the mountain at the East gate.

According to history books, Thuy Son is the mountain that King Minh Mang visited most. These were in the years 1825 (year 6 Minh Mang), 1827 (year 7) and 1837 (year 18). The two main roads to the mountain are built by King Minh Mang from the first visit.

Three levels of the summit include:

  • Thuong Thai: the highest peak, located in the Northwest of Thuy Son, has Tam Thai, Tam Ton, Tu Tam, Huyen Khong, Hoa Nghiem, Linh Nham, Vong Giang Dai, Hanh Cung …

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Huyen Khong Cave (Image: ST)

  • Trung Thai: located in the south of Thuy Son, with Van Can Nguyet Quat gate, the caves of Van Thong, Thien Long, Thien Phuoc Dia …
  • Ha Thai: the lowest peak, located in the east, including Linh Ung Pagoda, Tang Chon cave, Vong Hai Dai, Xa Loi tower …

Vong Hai Dai (Image: ST)

In the past few years, the elevator system has been opened by a management of the monument, consisting of two cabins, 43 meters high, speed 1.75 m / s, capacity of 1.35 T. Elevator cage is semicircular. with partitions made of transparent glass help visitors can just climb the mountain and admire the surrounding landscape. Right next to the stairs to escape. The elevator holds about 20 guests in each transit. Ticket price is 30,000 VND / time / two way.

Entrance to Thuy Son mountain (Photo: ST)

However, many tourists still choose a relaxing walk, immersing in charming nature as a real picnic.

In addition, visitors can travel Non Nuoc beach or visit Non Nuoc stone carving village near Thuy Son mountain. This is the place of manufacturing and sculpting many famous stone works such as the statue of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva at Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda, the statue of Guru Shakyamuni at Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na.

Non Nuoc stone carving village (Photo: ST)

Some pictures of Marble Mountains, Marble Mountains

Elevator to the top of Thuy Son (Photo: ST)

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Thuy Son sightseeing map (Image: ST)

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Linh Ung Pagoda (Image: ST)


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