Marble Moutains – The Renowned “Southern Sky’s Mountains

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Ngu Hanh Son, also known as the Marble Mountains, is a cluster of five closely-knit mountains harmoniously blending nature’s and spirituality’s beauty. These mountains create a fascinating journey for visitors to explore and discover breathtaking landscapes.

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Marble Mountains Danang (Image: ST)

Marble Mountains are a natural masterpiece graciously bestowed upon the land of Danang. The harmonious beauty of its biological and ecological diversity intertwined with cultural and spiritual life makes this place increasingly captivating for tourists who visit it year after year.

Where are the Marble Mountains in Danang?

The address of Marble Mountains is 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City.

Situated conveniently at 8km from the city center of Danang, Marble Mountains is a favored destination on the travel route exploring the Central Vietnam heritage road, which includes landmarks like the Imperial City of Hue, Marble Mountains, Hoi An Ancient Town, and the My Son Sanctuary.

Explore the Beauty of Marble Mountains Tourism Area

The Marble Mountains heritage site encompasses six limestone mountains: Tho Son, Hoa Son (including Fire Mountain and Water Mountain), Thuy Son, Moc Son, and Kim Son. Additionally, the area features stunning landscapes and numerous mystical caves like Huyen Khong Cave, Huyen Vi Cave, and Van Thong Cave, attracting travelers for sightseeing and exploration.

Thuy Son tops viewed from above (Image: ST)

Thuy Son – The Most Beautiful Mountain in Marble Mountains

Embarking to Da Nang without exploring Thuy Son, the largest and most captivating mountain in Da Nang, would be a regrettable miss. This destination is imbued with spiritual, cultural, and historical significance.

Upon reaching the summit of Thuy Son, travelers are greeted with a breathtaking panorama of the entire Marble Mountains, the distant cityscape, and the picturesque surrounding beaches. The experience is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Tam Thai Temple (Image: ST)

Kim Son – Home to the Quan The Am Pagoda

Kim Son Mountain houses a cave that stretches over 50 meters underneath. Beautiful and diverse layers of stalactites with clear lines and intricate shapes can be observed inside the cave. Notably, the stalactite layers on the cave walls form the shape of a statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva, with a majestic appearance standing on a coiled dragon.

This destination is a must-visit for those seeking spiritual travel experiences. Moreover, Kim Son is renowned for its traditional Quan The Am Festival, which is held annually and aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Buddhism.

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Huyen Khong Cave (Image: ST)

Moc Son – The White Marble Statue of Quan Am

Moc Son features a white marble block with the shape of a sitting figure, resembling a person meditating, leaving a lasting impression on many visitors. Locals often refer to this marble block as “Ba Quan Am” or “Co Mu.” This mountain is unique among the Marble Mountains as it doesn’t host temples or religious sites and has sparse vegetation.

Vong Hai Dai (Image: ST)

Linh Ung Pagoda in Marble Mountains

Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang is an ancient temple that is nearly 200 years old. It is situated on Thuy Son Mountain, a sacred place amidst the majestic nature of the Marble Mountains in Da Nang.

Exploring the main hall of Linh Ung Pagoda, visitors will witness an intricate system of statues, including the three Buddhas, Van Thu Bodhisattva, Pho Hien Bodhisattva, Quan The Am (Guanyin), Shakyamuni Buddha, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, and Quan Am Chuan De. Additionally, two statues of Dharma Protector and Eighteen Arhats are meticulously crafted.

Entrance to Thuy Son Mountain (Photo: ST)

Hoa Son Mountains

Hoa Son Mountains have two paired peaks: Am Hoa Son and Duong Hoa Son. Am Hoa Son is located to the east, attracting enthusiasts and those interested in exploring rocks and art. On the slopes of Am Hoa Son, rocks are arranged in unique, slanting formations with distinctive vegetation growing between the stones. Additionally, a cave traverses from the southern slope to the northern slope.

Duong Hoa Son is situated west and features the ancient Linh Son Pagoda, with the Huyen Vy Cave behind the pagoda. Furthermore, there is the Pho Da Son Cave, and inside, the Pho Da Son Pagoda holds historical tales related to Emperor Minh Mang’s younger sister.

Tho Son – Home to a Tunnel and Four Pagodas

The Tho Son impresses with its standing rock formations, characterized by minimal vegetation, north of the Marble Mountains. On the eastern side of Tho Son, a deep cave is approximately 20 meters deep, with a narrow entrance. Additionally, the Bodhi Cave, also known as the “Tunnel of Stone Piles,” is renowned for its historical significance, having served as a hiding and operating place for revolutionary soldiers.

Non Nuoc stone carving village (Photo: ST)

Am Phu Cave – Mysterious and Ominous

Am Phu Cave is a renowned cave that attracts many visitors on their journey to explore the Marble Mountains. In front of the cave is the Am Duong Bridge, and inside the cave, the path splits into two branches: Heaven and Hell.

Am Phu Cave has 12 entrances, each guarded by an official overseeing different aspects. Here, you can witness scenes that depict the legend of the underworld, the punishments for humans after descending into Hell, and more. After exploring Hell, don’t forget to ascend to Heaven’s path to feel like you’ve been resurrected, escaping the fear of the underworld.

Huyen Khong Cave – The Most Beautiful Cave in Marble Mountains

Huyen Khong Cave is a naturally illuminated cave considered one of the most beautiful caves in the Marble Mountains. When sunlight enters the cave, it creates a highly dazzling and enchanting scene, giving visitors the sensation of stepping into a fairyland. Moreover, this destination attracts pilgrims seeking prosperity at Lady Chua Tien’s temple and praying for peace and health at the Chua Thuong Ngan temple.

Elevator to the top of Thuy Son (Photo: ST)

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Thuy Son sightseeing map (Image: ST)

Ngọn Thủy Sơn (Ảnh: ST)

Linh Ung Pagoda (Image: ST)

Chua Tam Thai – Ancient Buddhist Architecture

Chua Tam Thai is an ancient and enduring Thuy Son temple surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes. Every year, the temple attracts a large number of tourists and Buddhist followers who come to visit.

The temple’s main hall venerates Quan The Am Bodhisattva, Buddha Amitabha, and the Great Master The Chi. Visitors walk through the temple and feel a profound sense of tranquility as if their souls have entered a sacred realm of Buddhism.


Vong Giang Tower

Vong Giang Tower, situated at the summit of Thuy Son, provides an ideal vantage point for observing the panoramic view of the Marble Mountains and admiring the Cam Le River and Co Co River. This river-viewing tower is located across from the Ancestor’s House of Tam Thai Pagoda, featuring a narrow, winding pathway with natural stone steps.

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village in Marble Mountains

After exploring the Marble Mountains, visitors can venture to Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village, a renowned traditional stone carving village in Da Nang. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in sculptural art amid exquisite masterpieces created by the imaginative hands of skilled artisans.

Non Nuoc Beach – A Nearby Tourist Attraction to Marble Mountains

Non Nuoc Beach, the most beautiful beach in Da Nang near the Marble Mountains, is an ideal destination to unwind in the calm waters and admire the picturesque scenery of green clouds and gentle waves after your exploration and conquest of the mountains.

Admission Prices for Marble Mountains

Thuy Son Peak (Mountain of Water)

Adults: 40,000 VND/person
Students: 10,000 VND/person
Children under six years old: Free

Am Phu Cave (Hell Cave)

Adults: 20,000 VND/person
Students: 7,000 VND/person
Children under six years old: Free
Elevator: 15,000 VND/one way, 30,000 VND/round trip
Operating hours: Daily from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Things to remember when visiting Marble Mountains

  • The road in Marble Mountain is quite slippery and requires a lot of walking and climbing. Therefore, you should choose a pair of walking shoes and be cautious when walking.
  • It is suggested that you hire a guide to understand and feel the beauty and historical value of the Marble Mountains.
  • If your family or group has elderly members, you should go to Water Mountain by elevator to save energy and avoid the slippery road.
  • Don’t forget to buy souvenirs and sophisticated stones as gifts after visiting Marble Mountains Da Nang.

Marble Mountains in Da Nang is home to a spiritual culture of great value and many beautiful natural landscapes. This natural attraction is a harmonious combination of magnificent caves, majestic mountains, and famous temples. VisitingYounot miss out on the Marble Mountains.

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