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Visit the Mountain church in ancient Nha Trang

Nha Trang attracts a lot of tourists to travel, enjoy famous landscapes with beautiful beaches, famous islands and sea games, or amusement parks and resorts.

Not only that, when visiting Nha Trang , visitors can also learn about the buildings bearing the time mark, associated with the history and culture of this city. In particular, Nha Trang Stone Church is an interesting tourist destination in the heart of the city attracting many visitors.

Nhà thờ Núi (Ảnh sưu tầm)

Mountain Church (Collected photos)

Mountain Church, officially known as the Cathedral of Christ the King, is a Catholic church in Nha Trang. This tourist attraction in Nha Trang also has many other close names such as Da Nha church (church made of stone), Nga Sau church (because the church is located right near the traffic rotation) … However, the name “Mountain church” is the most popular because it is built on a small mountain, located at an altitude of 12m in the heart of the city. The church has a unique architecture, French style.

Nhà thờ Núi tọa lạc giữa lòng thành phố (Ảnh sưu tầm)

Mountain Church is located in the heart of the city (Photo collection)

On September 3, 1928, the church was started construction on Mount Bong. To create a ground on the top of the mountain, workers used about 500 mines.

With the thought of spreading the ideals, the beautiful lifestyle of Catholicism in Nha Trang, missionary Louis Vallet (1869 – 1945) devoted his heart to building a church. Therefore, after the missionary died, the locals placed his grave at the foot of the church’s mountain to show his gratitude.

Overall, the church is definitely composed of small cubes of rock rising from low to blue sky. With a height of 38m from the road surface, the top of the bell tower is the highest point of the church. The cross is placed here.

Đỉnh nhà thờ đặt tháp chuông và thánh giá

The top of the church is the bell tower and the cross (Photo collected)

In the Mountain church, split rocks are used for paving the road and the yard, while the walls are built of cement. It was missionary Louis Vallet and his colleagues directly casting these blocks of cement blocks. In particular, the flat roof of the corridor is concreted, the entire dome of the chapel is made of reinforced bamboo and trellis.

Mountain Church is characterized by Gothic church architecture with 3 distinct parts: the bottom is the main door; the middle section is large round stained-glass windows adorned with roses; The top part is the corridor with the two bell towers.

Inside the church, there is a large and airy space, divided into two areas: the sanctuary and the area behind the sanctuary are very pure and solemn.

Không gian bên trong nhà thờ

The space inside the church (Photo collection)

Church space is often enjoyed by photographers and videographers. Couples also choose this place as their ideal wedding photography place. The church opening hours are all days of the week from 8:00 am while maintaining preaching sessions in the morning and afternoon.

Địa điểm chụp ảnh lãng mạn của đôi lứa

Romantic photo location of the couple (Collected photos)

Experiencing many rain and sun, the test of time, but with its unique structure, the mountain church still retains its architectural values from ancient times. Up to now, the church has been included in the list of monuments and landmarks of Khanh Hoa province. Mountain Church promises to attract more and more visitors’ attention, to become an impressive tourist attraction in Nha Trang .


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