Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen – A Place to Remember the Special Father of the Nation in Nau Land

July 19, 2020 5 mins to read
The Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen attracts many visitors from all corners every day to pay homage and offer incense in memory of the nation’s venerable father. When visiting Phu Yen, you shouldn’t miss this landmark that reminisces about a revolutionary era deeply ingrained in the province’s history. Let’s explore the Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen together through Vietnampeace.com.

1. Overview of Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen

Location: 53VF+CR8, Son Dinh commune, Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province

Situated in the Van Hoa plateau, often dubbed as the “Dalat of Phu Yen,” amidst fresh air, it captivates wanderlusts who adore exploring Phu Yen and commemorating its historical periods.

Moreover, the Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen is also a pilgrimage site where the Party and various organizations come to pay homage to Uncle Ho. It’s recognized as a National Historical Monument and is a source of pride for the people of Phu Yen province.

2. How to Get to Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen

Once you’ve chosen your mode of transportation to Phu Yen, let’s head over to the Uncle Ho Temple to embark on this unique journey.

It takes at least an hour from Tuy Hoa City to reach this destination. There are two routes, but Vietnampeace will summarize the shorter one in detail for your convenience, or you can rely on Google Maps for guidance.

– From Tuy Hoa City > QL1A heading North about 14 km

– Reach Hoa Da village > Turn left onto DT643

– Head west for about 32 km: This stretch along the Van Hoa plateau boasts stunning scenery with mountains, streams, and lush ancient forests, offering a serene atmosphere akin to “Dalat in Phu Yen.” You won’t forget the picturesque landscapes of sugarcane fields, pepper plantations, cornfields, and mangrove forests along the way to the Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen. This route deserves a spot in your self-guided Phu Yen exploration itinerary. Don’t forget to capture some artsy check-in moments here.

3. Visiting Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen

3.1 History of Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen

The construction of Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen commenced after Uncle Ho’s passing on September 9, 1969, immediately following the memorial service organized by the locals and provincial authorities as a tribute to the nation’s venerable father.

Initially, the temple had a thatched roof of forest trees and bamboo walls, requiring frequent repairs. In 2003, the temple was rebuilt more robustly, covering an area of 1,500 m2 and featuring a grand architectural style resonating with the spirit of a fortress.

Amidst lush greenery, the Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen stands solemn and dignified, with a fusion of red-tiled roofs of the Kinh people and the distinctive stilt houses of the E De ethnic group, promoting unity and non-discrimination among Vietnam’s ethnicities.

Upon stepping foot in Uncle Ho Temple, you won’t forget the solemn and majestic atmosphere amidst Phu Yen’s gentle and serene weather.

3.2 Check-in at Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen

As a cultural monument embodying the rich traditional spirit of the Nau land, aside from the memorial statue, the vast compound of Uncle Ho Temple includes exhibition halls, guest reception areas, recreational areas, and priceless historical sculptures.

Surrounding the temple is a sprawling 2-hectare area with over 1,500 fruit trees like milk fruit, pomelo, jackfruit, and shady trees, enticing food enthusiasts. A bit further out from Uncle Ho Temple, you can marvel at the magnificent natural beauty of the valley or ancient towering trees standing tall through the years.

Reveals to Instagrammers that you must capture your unforgettable moments at Phu Yen by swinging on a charming little swing hanging from an ancient tree across Uncle Ho Temple. With such a fancy background, why would you miss out?

Don’t rush to skip Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen if you’re a genuine enthusiast of Vietnamese history. This place will indeed offer you unexpectedly new and timely experiences if you take the time to explore and discover. But for now, let’s window-shop some unforgettable check-in photos at Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen!

In conclusion, visiting the Uncle Ho Temple in Phu Yen is not just a journey through history but a profound experience of reverence, unity, and cultural richness. As you wander through its hallowed grounds, guided by the echoes of the past, you’ll find yourself immersed in the stories of a nation’s resilience and the legacy of its beloved leader.

Vietnampeace.com invites you to embark on this unforgettable pilgrimage, where every corner whispers tales of sacrifice, determination, and the unwavering spirit of the Vietnamese people. So, whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking moments of tranquility and reflection, the Uncle Ho Temple stands ready to welcome you with open arms, promising memories that will linger long after your journey ends. Come, discover, and be inspired by the timeless legacy of Uncle Ho in the heart of Phu Yen.

Đường đến nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

Road to Uncle Ho’s church. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Cao nguyên Vân Hòa có vô vàn những ngọn núi. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

Van Hoa plateau has countless mountains. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Khung cảnh xanh mướt trên đường đến với nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: nikpignguyen

Green scenery on the way to Uncle Ho’s church. Image: nikpignguyen

Cổng vào nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

Entrance to Uncle Ho’s church. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Toàn cảnh mặt trước của nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: Đinh Hiếu Nhi

Overview of the front of Uncle Ho church. Photo: Dinh Hieu Nhi

Kiến trúc mang hình ảnh nhà sàn – kiểu nhà ở phổ biến của người dân tộc thiểu số Ê-đê. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

The architecture resembles stilt houses – a common dwelling type of the Ede ethnic minority. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Mặt sau của nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

The back of Uncle Ho church. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Quán nước đối diện nhà thờ Bác Hồ. Hình: Đinh Hiếu Nhi

The shop is opposite to Uncle Ho’s church. Photo: Dinh Hieu Nhi

Quán nước nằm giữa mây trời và núi rừng. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

The shop is located between clouds of sky and mountains. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Xích đu sống ảo. Hình: Hoàng Linh Hà

Virtual live swing. Image: Hoang Linh Ha

Chiếc xích đu lên hình siêu "xịn" luôn nhé. Hình: Đinh Hiếu Nhi

The swing on the picture “super good” always offline. Photo: Dinh Hieu Nhi

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