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Visiting Con Dao prison hell on earth in Vietnam

Con Dao used to be known as the “hell on earth” in the past, because there was a prison system built by the French to hold prisoners who were particularly dangerous to colonial rule. France. And so far, thanks to the efforts of the islanders together with the authorities have turned this place into an extremely attractive and famous tourist destination of Vietnam. In today’s article, let us explore Con Dao prison on this earthly hell!

Con Dao prison in Vietnam

Nhà tù Côn Đảo địa ngục trần gian

Con Dao Prison of Hell on Earth (Photo Collection)

According to statistics, each year in Con Dao has about 50,000 tourists to visit and resort on this island. Besides beautiful pristine beaches, attractive coral reefs and tropical forests, Con Dao Prison is also the place many tourists choose when coming here. One of the largest and oldest prison in Vietnam, where many painful historical records of wartime remain.

Hình ảnh khu biệt lập chuồng bò

Photos of the isolated barn (Photo Collection)

With an area of only 52 km2, but on this island, there were 8 prisons. It was not until the Vietnam War ended in 1975 that the area of prisoners imprisoned was closed. According to known information, since the French colonialists built a prison from 1862 to 1975, they have detained 200,000 prisoners. Most are political prisoners and 20,000 of them have died.

Khu di tích trại 8 - Trại Phú Hưng

Camp relic 8 – Phu Hung Camp (Photo Collection)

In the 90s of the 19th century, Con Dao was restored to a museum, which records and is also evidence of the atrocities committed by the French colonialist and American government. Con Dao prison system in the French period includes the camps such as Bagne I (Phu Hai Camp), Bagne II (Phu Son Camp), Bagne III (Phu Tho Camp – Isolated chicken cages), secondary Bagne III (Phu Cuong Camp) , Isolated Cattle Cages, Tiger Cages).

Du khách tham quan chuồng cọp tại nhà tù Côn Đảo

Tourists visit the tiger cages at Con Dao prison (Photo Collection)

Most visitors visiting prisons feel shuddered and terrified when they see hot and stuffy rooms. Inside are the forms of hard labor, with the most gruesome and inhuman torture tools. You will not believe that these tools and forms of torture are used to torture people.

Hình ảnh mô tả hình thức tra tấn của bọn thực dân tại nhà tù Côn Đảo

Image depicting torture of colonialists at Con Dao prison (Photo Collection)

And now, Con Dao is a paradise island with charming and mysterious beauty about a hell on earth. It has been included in the list of 23 special national monuments that need to be preserved and developed by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. History has passed so far that every day, the class of Vietnamese children reminds everyone of Con Dao. Desire to once come to Con Dao to witness and feel the traumatic losses that the war brings forever lies in Con Dao.

Hình ảnh các cựu tù nhân về thăm Côn Đảo

Photos of former prisoners visiting Con Dao (Photo Collection)

There are many tourists coming to Con Dao who were former prisoners who were imprisoned here. These tourists are supported by the Vietnamese Government and create tours for these former prisoners to come to the island as if to express their gratitude for their sacrifices.

Một góc đẹp tại nhà tù Côn Đảo

A beautiful corner at Con Dao prison (Photo Collection)

If you intend to come here, you can easily buy a train ticket to Con Dao or book a flight ticket. Traveling to Con Dao is not only for relaxation, relaxation with rich flora and fauna, waves and cool sea breeze but also to return to the heroic, indomitable history of the nation. And it is shown most clearly through the relic system of Con Dao prison style, France still kept here.


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