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Vung Tau Khot Cake – Wild food FORGOTTEN FORGET

Vung Tau banh khot is one of the specialties of this land and has recently been recognized by the Asian Record Organization as “the value of Asian cuisine”. Compared to many other sophisticated dishes, banh khot has a very unique flavor of Vung Tau beach and is loved by many people, from locals to domestic and international tourists. Let’s also explore Vung Tau VietNampeace banh khot – a wild food “delicious forgotten way back” through the article below!

Origin of Vung Tau khot cake

According to people who have long experience in making banh khot, this type of bread is derived from the cake base of Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Thanh Hoa.

The name khot cake also has a very interesting explanation. Many people say that when pouring the cake, to remove the cake from the mold, people often use a spoon to stir, there is a “cry” when the spoon touches the mold. Another explanation is that in the old days, the poor could not afford to eat delicacies but ate only cakes made entirely from flour and no meat. Therefore, people named it “khop”. Over time, people read the steering wheel “khot”.

Banh khot originated in Ninh Thuan, Thanh Hoa (Figure Collection)

Previously, this cake is often made by mothers and mothers on holidays, family reunions. Over time, the strong tourism development process has enabled banh khot to get closer to all regions in the Vung Tau tourism journey. Currently, names such as Goc Khot Sua, Cay Sung, Co Ba Vung Tau Khot Khones , etc. are a daily culinary rendezvous for locals as well as international tourists.

How does Vung Tau Khot cake make people miss you so much?

Many tourists talk to each other, travel to Vung Tau without enjoying banh khot, it is not really enjoying and learning about the cuisine of this coastal city.

Traveling to Vung Tau without trying banh khot is really not fully understanding the unique cuisine of this coastal city

The main material for making cakes is pure rice flour. One can add a little turmeric powder to make the cake yellow eye-catching. The bread is quite diverse, can be scallops, cakes, minced meat, fish cakes, … add a little grease onions or a little shrimp, served with raw vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, perilla, lettuce fish, herbs, shredded papaya, …

The main ingredient for making banh khot is rice flour. Add turmeric to an eye-catching yellow cake

Roll the cake in lettuce leaves and a few stems of herbs, dipped with sweet and sour sauce, make a thick paste to your mouth, you can feel from the tip of the crunchy crust of the cake, the sweetness of shrimp , oysters, the cool man of vegetables and the fragrant aroma of onion fat combine. Those flavors make any tourists who have tried to come back to enjoy, like coming back to enjoy the taste of childhood.

Banh khot under onion juice served with real vegetables brings a feeling of being back to childhood

Instructions for making banh khot Vung Tau

Each Vung Tau khot cake shop has its own secret in the preparation process, to create a unique impression on customers. Making Vung Tau banh khot is the hardest at making flour. Rice soaked in water for about 2 to 3 hours to soft, then bring to grind. Rice flour after blending is mixed with water in a certain ratio and left overnight, so the crust is new crispy and delicious

The cake is made from many different ingredients, especially popular as still cakes. Shrimp cut off the head, peeled, cleaned and drained. You can make the shrimp burn to increase the attractiveness of the dish by crushing and stirring the shrimp until the shrimp is smooth and dry roasted.

The filling is made from shrimp or minced meat, scallops depending on the taste of the customers

Biscuits are poured in aluminum or stainless steel molds. Before pouring the cake, put the mold on the stove to heat up, then use the pork fat to spread the molds, make a moderate amount of flour to the face, put the peeled shrimp in the middle and cover the lid to wait for the cakes to cook. When the bread has just finished, take out the cake and put on a plate and sprinkle with some burnt shrimp, onion fat.

Pour the batter to the top of the tray, then add the filling, covered until it is cooked

Delicious Vung Tau Khot cake must be both crispy and chewy cakes of rice flour, coconut water, served with raw vegetables. Many people believe that raw vegetables and fish sauce determine 50% of the success of this dish. The greasy taste of onion fat adds the aromatic sweetness of shrimp in the crunchy crust, driven by the sweetness of the dipping sauce and the accompanying fruits and vegetables, creating the unique appeal of banh khot.

Eating hot, crispy crispy pancakes along with herbs and rich dipping sauce is an extremely memorable experience.

The address delicious khot cake in Vung Tau

– Khot Dau Khot Cake Shop, 14 Nguyen Truong To Street, Vung Tau.

– Ba Hai’s Restaurant, 376/27 Le Loi Street, Vung Tau City.

– Eastern banh khot, 59 Ba Trieu, Vung Tau City.

– Khot trees – Cay Da, 21 Ly Thuong Kiet, Vung Tau City.

– Cay Tre Restaurant – Banh Khot, 8B Luong Van Can, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.

Nowadays, when traveling to Vung Tau, visitors can easily find banh khot from popular toad restaurants to high-class restaurants. Vung Tau khot cake , with its subtly but very attractive appeal, has become a famous local brand dish, conquering every diners. If you have the opportunity to visit the beloved city of Vung Tau, you should enjoy Vung Tau banh khot – a delicious “rustic way home” to have a truly memorable experience


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