Top 8 Ben Tre Ecotourism Destinations for the Ultimate Check-in Experience

July 17, 2020 7 mins to read

Regarding the charming landscapes of the Mekong Delta, there’s no better delight than exploring lush orchards, pristine forests, and meandering rivers and immersing yourself in the local lifestyle. Amongst these, Ben Tre stands out as one of the prime destinations, offering many diverse experiences. If you’ve set foot in the land of coconuts and want to indulge in these delights all in one place, check out the top 8 Ben Tre ecotourism destinations below.

Easy to reach and budget-friendly, your dreamy short getaway awaits you here. Grab your backpack and embark on an ecotourism adventure in Ben Tre with!

1. Phung Islet Ecotourism Area

Address: Hamlet 10, Tan Trach, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre

Situated along the poetic Tien River, the 32,000-square-meter Phung Islet Ecotourism Area offers many captivating activities. The first highlight is a boat ride through the mangrove forest, where you’ll marvel at the enchanting beauty of the Mekong Delta.

If you visit during mid-summer – June or July – you can partake in the fruit harvesting process in the orchard alongside local farmers. Phung Islet boasts various tropical fruits, such as mangosteens and longans, all juicy and ripe for the picking. Additionally, explore the natural beekeeping farm, brave a crocodile fishing adventure, and witness the traditional handcrafting of famous Ben Tre coconut candies. To explore Phung Islet without tiring your legs, you can rent a vintage horse carriage – a perfect backdrop for picturesque photos that will enchant any wanderlust.

Apart from the exciting ecological activities, Phung Islet also features several spiritually captivating sites, including the Coconut Monk’s Memorial with the Nine-Dragon Pagoda, intricately carved dragon columns, and more.

2. Phu An Khang Ecotourism Garden

Address: 319 Phu Loi Hamlet, Binh Phu, Ben Tre

Among the beloved ecotourism spots in Ben Tre, Phu An Khang stands out as a favorite. Approximately 86km from Ho Chi Minh City, Phu An Khang is a complex that offers fascinating local activities and landscapes with a distinct Southern Vietnam flavor.

When you visit Phu An Khang, come hungry to savor your favorite orchard fruits like longans, guavas, plums, and more – handpicked by yourself. Even better, these fruits grown without pesticides can be enjoyed right on the spot. There is no need for a thorough wash!

Moreover, you won’t forget the experience of crossing the Monkey Bridge over the canal at Phu An Khang. Combined with water activities such as water slapping to catch fish, rowing boats, blindfolded duck catching, and more, this ecotourism garden creates the most beautiful memories for every traveler’s journey.

After reaping the rewards from the fishing activities, why not join the locals and friends in preparing delicious dishes with an authentic Mekong Delta flavor? Although simple, dishes like fried elephant ear fish, field crab, and more will leave you craving more!

3. Dai Loc Tourist Site

Address: Son Chau Hamlet, Son Dinh, Cho Lach, Ben Tre

One major highlight that sets Dai Loc apart in the eyes of travelers is its tourist infrastructure, seamlessly nestled within a refreshing green garden adorned with various flowers and a rare, pure atmosphere. Therefore, the Dai Loc ecotourism site has become ideal for many team-building activities and short day trips.

After enjoying the scenery, head to the fruit orchard area of Dai Loc to savor fantastic fruits such as flavorful durians, fresh green pomelos, and sweet longans. In addition, the tourist site organizes engaging cultural exchange activities like traditional musical performances.

During the daytime, you can take a boat ride on the Co Chien River, admiring the lush greenery along the banks, gazing at the serene Ben Tre sky, and relishing the rare tranquility of the surroundings.

4. Lan Vuong Ecotourism Area

Address: Located on Provincial Road 887, Hamlet 2, Phu Nhuan Commune, Ben Tre

Ben Tre’s Lan Vuong Ecotourism Area vividly captures the rural life of Mekong Delta farmers with various simple activities like water slapping to catch fish, mud-wading to catch fish, rowing boats on the river, and more. However, these activities have been “transformed” into more engaging games to bring laughter to tourists: cycling across a monkey bridge, mud-wading fish-catching competition, rope bridge walking, and more.

After a tiring play session, you can start cooking up the “harvest” with the enthusiastic guidance of locals or the tourism site staff. Traditional countryside dishes like grilled fish with straw, boiled shrimp in coconut water, etc., become incredibly enticing! You will have a delicious and entertaining meal with fruits from the orchard.

5. Ha Thao Ecotourism Area

Address: Hamlet 3, Nhon Thanh Commune, Ben Tre

While the abovementioned ecotourism spots lean towards the “pure Mekong Delta” direction, Ha Thao takes a slightly more modern approach with outdoor swimming pools, river canoeing, and electric vehicle tours, making it particularly appealing to the younger crowd.

However, this modern touch doesn’t overshadow the abundance of new and exciting ecotourism activities in this area. When you visit Ha Thao, you can explore vast orchards of guava, coconut, and star fruit with an entrance fee of just 60,000 VND per person. If you enjoy recreational activities, you can participate in shrimp and fish catching, rowing boats on the river, water slapping to catch fish, and more, all incredibly captivating.

6. Con Quy Ecotourism Area

Address: Tan Thach and Quoi Son Communes, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre

Encompassing a vast area, the Con Quy Ecotourism Area spans 65 hectares and preserves the pristine beauty of one of the four islets in the province. From the moment you arrive at the entrance of Thuy Ta village, you’ll be mesmerized by lush orchards, simple yet picturesque bridges perfect for Mekong Delta-style check-ins, and charming small creeks.

Travel enthusiasts visiting Con Quy often indulge in “virtual living” by taking a boat ride through the mangrove forest, citrus orchards, and durian gardens laden with ripe fruits. Additionally, activities like crab and shell hunting in the mud, shrimp fishing, and more are warmly embraced by tourists.

7. Be Village Ecotourism Area

Address: 81b/6b An Thoi B Hamlet, An Khanh, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre

The first impressive sight at Be Village Ecotourism Area is the thatched-roof houses nestled along the water’s edge, simple yet surprisingly romantic. As the evening descends, checking in amidst the coconut groves with soft sunlight filtering through will be a scene any “virtual living” enthusiast would want to experience.

Venturing deeper, Be Village has many other surprises alongside its beautiful natural scenery: single and double rope bridge activities, crossing corn bridges, crab hunting contests, and more. Moreover, the fruit orchards laden with fruits within Be Village are tempting enough to make many tourists lose track of time! Truly, skipping the fruit orchards when touring Ben Tre is a missed opportunity!

8. Ba Ngoi Ecotourism Garden

Address: Ba Ngoi, Phu Hiep Hamlet, Cho Lach, Ben Tre

Separated from the bustling city of Ben Tre, the Ba Ngoi Ecotourism Garden boasts a massive longan orchard with an entrance fee of only 10,000 VND! Here, you can comfortably take Instagram-worthy photos under the cool green canopy, enjoy fresh longans, and even purchase some as gifts. In addition to longans, Ba Ngoi is also known as the “capital” of durians. The durian orchards here are well-tended, always bearing fruit, and come at an incredibly reasonable price.

In conclusion, the Top 8 Ben Tre Ecotourism Destinations promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Mekong Delta’s natural beauty and cultural richness. From the enchanting landscapes of Phung Islet to the modern allure of Ha Thao, each destination offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary excitement. Whether you’re exploring the rustic simplicity of Dai Loc or embracing the romantic allure of Be Village, Ben Tre’s ecotourism spots beckon with a promise of immersive experiences, delicious local cuisines, and picture-perfect moments. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey with, and discover the ultimate check-in experience in the captivating realm of Ben Tre’s ecotourism wonders.

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Con Phung tourist resort (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Visit here by small boats (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch cồn phụng

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch cồn quy

Con Quy tourist area (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch cồn quy

Photo Collection

khu du lịch lan vương

Lan Vuong tourist site in Ben Tre (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch lan vương

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch lan vương

Enjoy Western specialties here (Photo Collection)

miệt vườn cái mơn

Enjoy spoiled fruits here (Photo Collection)

miệt vườn cái mơn

Ripe fruit season here (photo Collection)

vườn chim vàm hồ

Have fun here (Photo Collection)

vườn chim vàm hồ

Vam Ho Bird Park (Photo Collection)

du lịch bến tre

The campus is here (Photo Collection)

du lịch bến tre

Green space (Photo Collection)

du lịch bến tre

Games here

khu du lịch làng bè

Games here (Photo Collection)

khu du lịch làng bè

Photo Collection

khu du lịch làng bè

After having fun, visitors can enjoy the little fingers here (Photo Collection)

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