Exploring the Unique Architecture of Da Lat Pedagogical College

July 12, 2020 6 mins to read

When discussing the city of Da Lat, one cannot overlook an institution steeped in history and artistry – Da Lat Pedagogical College. It is a place shaping the future and stands as a unique architectural marvel, captivating visitors with its classical beauty and rich historical significance.

With its historical significance and prominent architectural charm, let’s journey with Vietnampeace to discover Da Lat Pedagogical College. This institution trains the educators of tomorrow and showcases French colonial-era aesthetics, allowing us to admire the unique beauty of one of Da Lat’s most renowned educational institutions.

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Overview Review of Da Lat Pedagogical College

Address: 29 Yersin, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province

Situated at an exceptionally convenient location on Yersin Street, Da Lat Pedagogical College is just over 2 km from the city center. Currently, the college stands as one of the popular attractions in Da Lat, especially among the youth, thanks to its impressive vintage ambiance and refreshing atmosphere. Here’s a little secret: the scenery at the college serves as a perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy photos that will garner numerous likes!

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Comprehensive Review of Da Lat Pedagogical College

Established in 1927, Da Lat Pedagogical College is the brainchild of Moncet, a French architect. The initial classes at the college were designed to educate French children and offspring from affluent Vietnamese families of that time. Later, the institution was acquired by the Komtum Diocese to serve as an educational hub for seminarians in this diocese.

Da Lat Pedagogical College underwent four name changes before adopting its official name. Known initially as Petit Lycée Da Lat, it underwent subsequent name changes to Grand Lycée de Da Lat and Grand Lycée Yersin, paying tribute to the brilliant Dr. Alexandre Yersin. Eventually, the college was officially renamed Da Lat Pedagogical College and recognized as one of the national architectural monuments. The World Architects Association (UIA) also acknowledged it as one of the 100 unique architectural constructions worldwide in the 20th century. The college’s impressive vintage architecture is a testament to the city’s rich history and cultural significance.

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Discovering the Allure of Da Lat Pedagogical College: A Comprehensive Review

Unveiling the Timeless Charms of Da Lat Pedagogical College

Many are unaware that Da Lat Pedagogical College boasts a remarkable antique architecture constructed with bricks and tiles imported from France. The sloping roofs are adorned with dark blue slate tiles, complemented by red ceiling tiles for walls and the eaves, giving the college a distinctive appearance. Over the years, as time flowed and circumstances evolved, there have been subtle changes to the overall architecture, such as adjustments to the roof tiles and a few walls. Presently, efforts are underway to preserve the impressive vintage architecture of the college as a “historical witness,” bearing witness to the myriad changes in the City of a Thousand Flowers.

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Regrettably, the clock tower perched atop the arc-shaped building of the college has suffered severe damage. The once-proud clock, now lost, leaves a void that no replacement can fill. Consequently, visitors today can only gaze upon a tiled floor marking the remnants of the old clock, a silent witness to the passage of time and the challenges faced by this venerable institution.

The Unique Arch-shaped Main Lecture Hall of Dalat Teacher Training College

As one of the primary buildings on the campus, this lecture hall spans about 77 meters at the front and 90 meters at the back, comprising three floors and 24 classrooms. The hall was conceptualized as an arch, resembling an open book, symbolizing the intellectual aspirations and vast knowledge imparted to generations of students studying here.

The Tallest Bell Tower of Dalat Teacher Training College – Symbolizing French Culture in the Heart of Dreamy Dalat

The bell tower is located at the rear of the main lecture hall, standing proudly as the tallest structure on the Dalat Teacher Training College campus, towering impressively at 54 meters. The bell tower is adorned with slate tiles, exuding an antique charm with a touch of modernity, creating an overall impressive and harmonious aesthetic.

Serving as an emblem of French culture, the bell tower represents the powerful resurgence of the treasure trove of knowledge, acting as a fulcrum propelling dreams forward. Now, this bell tower stands amidst the dreamy cityscape, contributing to the overall antiquity and romanticism reminiscent of the castles of old Europe.

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Impressive Courtyard Amidst the College Grounds

This expansive courtyard is the most spacious area within the college grounds, serving as the venue for physical education and fitness classes. Stretching across the main campus, the courtyard is adorned with flourishing pine trees meticulously planted and cared for by the college. This landscaping accentuates the European charm, making this teacher-training college a standout architectural gem in Dalat.

Rows of Houses Within the Campus

Adjacent to the main lecture hall, the college grounds feature several parallel buildings spanning 2 to 3 floors. These structures share a cohesive design with a predominant orange-yellow color scheme, complemented by light green wooden windows and red-tiled roofs. The buildings exhibit a simple vertical façade on the ground floor, adorned with interconnected arches formed by columns made entirely of fired bricks. This harmonious architectural layout creates a visually appealing and consistent ambiance across the campus.

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Is Dalat Teachers College open to the public?

As one of the most renowned attractions in Dalat, the college has gained popularity, particularly among young visitors. However, the influx of tourists has unintentionally disrupted the school’s landscape and impacted the quality of education for students. In response, based on shared experiences and a comprehensive review of Dalat Teachers College, since April 2019, the institution has announced a temporary suspension of public visits. This decision aims to safeguard the campus environment and prevent adverse effects on teaching, learning, and student activities. While public access is currently restricted, one can remain hopeful that the college will open its doors to visitors again.

With the comprehensive review of Dalat Pedagogical College that vietnampeace.com just revealed, you can also imagine some of the beauty of this school, right? Let’s plan to visit on a beautiful day when the school reopens.

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