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What is Ninh Binh that young people are so fascinated with?

Has come to Ninh Binh 4 times but I still want to come back again. Actually, Ninh Binh is a place even if you want to go back and still want to come back:


– I travel by plane from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Because book tickets are close to the date so the price is quite acrid so you should remember to book before going to have a better price.

Photo: Hanh Le

– After coming to Hanoi, I move to Ninh Binh by Limousine for 160k / person. The car drove straight to the Homestay that I booked earlier.


– I choose Trang An River View Homestay you can go to VietNampeace.vn for more reference. A little more about the homestay, here is a pretty pretty campus, there is an outdoor pool for you to freely live virtual offline;). They are also extremely cute, when they check out, they also give 2 of them each a bottle of water to travel.

Photo: Hanh Le

* You can also refer to some other hotels in Ninh Binh at VietNampeace.vn offline.

Schedule to check in

Day 1:

– We come to check in at the homestay at 15:00, then change and then go to Trang An. A small note for you is the parking ticket here is 15k. To make the picture more beautiful, I bought a leaf hat to facilitate the taking of photos with it to protect me from the sun (25k / piece).

– Tickets to 200k, at first it was a bit expensive but after that I felt really worth the money. You can choose tour 1,2,3, depending on your preference, tour 3 is longer than the previous tours so you can consult the advice of the boatman.

Photo: Hanh Le

Day 2:

Awesome Love:

– I am determined to see how awesome that Netizens are. It is true that hundreds of people did not hear with the eyes (huhu), the same message was all mountains, the clear water looked like it, but the ticket was too cheap, it was 20k / person.

Photo: Hanh Le

Am Tien Cave:

– Am Tien Cave also has a beautiful angle to take a picture, you just need to go up a few dozen steps to have a super pretty right when shooting from the bottom up.


Photo: Hanh Le

Day 3:

Dance Cave:

– Next is Hang Dance. Sure, going to Ninh Binh without climbing the Dance Cave is no different than going to Ninh Binh: v. Tickets to 100k / person home, the day I went to the sun but I still had to try to climb, but when I got to the tower, it was very cool, without wasting my efforts to climb the stairs …

Photo: Hanh Le

– If you’ve climbed the Dance Cave, you can also try Mount Ngoa Long. The higher you climb, the cooler, but it is recommended that you guys be afraid of heights.

Bai Dinh Pagoda:

– After watching the boring Hang Dance, I stopped by Bai Dinh Pagoda – the largest temple in Vietnam. Honestly, it’s too wide, so we can’t go all the way. Tickets to the temple is 15k offline, then you go to the tram area to be taken into the temple. Because there was not much time left, I could only go about 2 hours, so I came back because it was late.

Photo: Hanh Le


– Like everyone coming to Ninh Binh, we also eat specialties such as mountain goats, burnt rice of things: v so also do not review much.

Some note

– Ask for a price before buying something

– Always carry water with you, this is to save money for buying Italian water

– Do not forget to bring a backup charger, just to check in live virtual without looking at the battery and at the same time if lost and falling into the state of the phone running out of battery is also very miserable. So just take it for sure!

– Should wear a low pair of shoes or sandals okay, because basically there is a lot of walking so avoid wearing high shoes.

Ending 3 days in Ninh Binh, I still want to come back here again.

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