Two days exploring landscapes and food in Phu Yen

July 19, 2020 10 mins to read

If Yoon Se Ri landed in Korea to meet his true love, Ri Jung Hyeok, now landing at VietNampeace to explore the extreme tourist destination. Attractive in this month 3-4.

If you are having some precious vacation days, you want to come up with ideas for your travel trip to visit many places and relax your spirit, but you have no idea where to go. When you mention two travel words, you will probably think of famous Vietnamese places like romantic Da Lat, Da Nang, a city worth living in, or Nha Trang with the famous Vinpeal fun paradise beside you entirely. Don’t be discouraged if you are out of ideas you can’t think of anywhere else; let VietNampeace worry.

Let’s tighten our seatbelts and adjust our sitting posture to prepare with VietNampeace to land in Phu Yen and explore the land of Nà people with friendly landscapes that retain the original pristine beauty. Please.

Sân bay cạnh bờ biển với cảnh đẹp bao la

The airport next to the beach is lovely.

Referring to Phu Yen, many people will probably think of the beautiful yellow flower hill on the green grass appearing in the movie “I see yellow flowers on the green grass,” which made fans crazy. But Phu Yen is not the only place where it is beautiful; almost every way is a beautiful natural landscape with green beaches and white sand hills stretching like a vivid picture.

Đồi cát trải dài ngay bên cạnh biển trong xanh

Dunes stretch right next to the clear blue sea

Join VietNampeace to explore Phu Yen’s disability in two days

To enjoy the many destinations in Phu Yen, you must arrange the schedule first because the tourist destinations are located south and north, where there is no place. The stay you have to leave is from downtown Tuy Hoa. So how do you not miss here? What are you waiting for landing at VietNampeace to find out together?

The first day starts in the south!

Discover the places less than an hour south of Tuy Hoa city center starting in the early morning to catch the beautiful scenery lying close together with magical moments that are rarely seen.

Thăm quan cảnh đẹp theo hướng nam thành phố

Visit the beautiful scenery towards the south of the city

Electric cape where the earliest sunrise in Vietnam

Have you ever wondered where you will see the first sunrise on the territory of Vietnam? Sounds interesting, right? If you have never thought about it, it’s okay. On the occasion of visiting Phu Yen this time, try to experience the feeling of counting “one two three,” slowly opening your eyes to be the first person to catch the earliest sunrise in Vietnam; then, you will feel extremely excited.

Mũi Điện nơi đón mặt trời mọc sớm nhất Việt Nam

Mui Dien is the place to welcome the earliest sunrise in Vietnam.

Dien Cape is located in the eastern part of our country because of its unique geographical position, so standing here, you can watch the earliest sunrise. 40 km from Tuy Hoa city, you need to start the night before about 3 to 3 hours and 30 minutes to catch the best moment. The road to Mui Dien is quite spacious and airy; one side is a long coastline, and one side is a mountain slope with large stones of many different shapes that are entirely masterpieces of nature. It was not yet bright, the sea breeze was still cold, looking far away were fishing boats with shimmering lights, just taking a breath was enough to make you feel refreshed.

When you arrive, there are two ways to climb the Cape Power, the first is to take the concrete road then climb each step. The second way is to follow the mountain path across Mon Beach and up a slope. Since it is early morning, you should go the first way for safety. Walking less than 1 km is not too much effort. It is an excellent way to exercise in the morning. When you have come to a stop, it is also time to see the magical moment of nature when you see the sun rising from the sea surface, giving out a brilliant area; the first light gently passes through the cloud to the core space to enlighten everything so a new day of joy and happiness comes again.

Cảnh đẹp thu nhỏ khi từ ngọn hải đăng nhìn xuống

Beautiful scene miniature when looking from the lighthouse

In addition to being able to watch the sunrise, you can also climb the lighthouse, where when standing on a panoramic view of Mon Beach and Mui Dien will be within your sight. The sky is clear, the sun is gentle, the wind is high and windy, the scent is far, the sea is vast, the waves are fluttering, you just need to spread your arms to feel like you’re embracing The whole beautiful scene here. When the tour is complete, you can choose to go down the second way to watch Mon Beach, walk on the sandy path, and listen to the sound of waves splashing with white bubbles.

Đồi cát trải dài ngay bên cạnh biển trong xanh

Bai Mon peacefully welcomes the new day

Mossy paradise in the neighborhood

If traveling to Phu Yen in March, you may still have the opportunity to be overwhelmed when you see green moss stretching over the dam. The barrier is built with concrete stones in the shape of each square connected to prevent landslides and floods … But gradually, over time, it is under the hands of nature’s mother combined with the public. The human process accidentally created a strange combination of moss and rocks. Absolutely can call this paradise Mossy paradise. Perhaps for travelers who love dreaming, the best time to target the green moss is at the time of marriage, when the red sun gradually falls. The bright sunshine at the end of the day takes some time to creep into the slit reflected on the mossy green moss surface, shimmering a bit, creating a very romantic scene.

Ngắm nhìn thiên đường rêu lúc hoàng hôn

See Moss Paradise at sunset

Nhan Tower National Monument

If after a day of discovering the natural beauty with high frequency of exercise, you want to find a quiet place to relax your body, try taking a cool breeze while visiting Nhan tower. Nhan Tower is located on Nhan Mountain in the heart of the city, is an ancient Cham architectural work with a unique construction and many mysteries that have yet to be discovered. Here, you will learn more about the Cham people’s unique culture and the legend of the Nhan Tower building that has circulated for thousands of generations. Standing on Nhan Mountain, enjoying the cool weather, you can see the whole city with sparkling lights shining in the magical black night.

Tháp Nhạn toả sáng huyền ảo vào ban đêm

Nhan Tower shines fancifully at night.

On the second day, continue to explore the beautiful north.

If we went south in the first day, the next day, prepare a lot of energy to continue to visit the unique places, besides, do not eat too much, remember to leave your belly to enjoy the dish. It’s delicious that VietNampeace is about to reveal.

Ngày thứ hai xuất phát theo hướng bắc từ trung tâm thành phố

The second day comes north from the city center

Discus rapids are natural masterpieces

Perhaps when the first time you came to the Discus Cliffs, many people would believe their eyes that these are natural stones because from a distance looking at the cylindrical rocks with different heights, the face was flat shape at first glance, looks like layers of dishes stacked into one long extension that looks like a vast, giant ancestor. This place has no human influence, but it is a masterpiece of nature endowed with Phu Yen land. Not only that, discus rapids are also put on the mysterious black coat, which will give visitors a sense of curiosity mixed with a bit of excitement as if you are lost in a mysterious land.

Du khách tạo dáng trên phiến đá đen huyền tại Ghềnh Đá Dĩa

Guests pose on the black slate at Ghenh Da Dia.

Visitors cannot ignore sea pineapple juice coming to Da Dia Cliffs, which is very strange. Pineapple is an entirely natural wild plant that grows along the coast. Its tall foliage is more extended and broader than that of pineapples. In the season, people will harvest the fruits to bring to the sun. After preliminary processing, they will cook them with herbs and rock sugar to create a sweet taste and typical aroma. In the blazing sun, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying a bottle of excellent pineapple juice to soothe other attacks and purify the body.

Dứa biển Phú Yên tạo nên món nước giải khác hút khách

Phu Yen pineapple is another dish that attracts visitors

O Loan Lagoon is in clear blue water

Coming to Phu Yen, tourists cannot ignore dishes made from seafood. O Loan Lagoon is the golden venue in the culinary village of Nan. Walking around the lagoon to admire the cages of aquacultural people right on the Blue River, peaceful statues depict the actual life of the people here. But when the scenery is over, where do we go to enjoy fresh seafood?

Toàn cảnh đầm Ô Loan nơi nuôi trồng thuỷ sản của người dân Phú Yên

Overview of O Loan Lagoon, where aquaculture of Phu Yen people

Because O Loan Lagoon is a place where aquaculture does not sell processed food, you need to go to nearby catering services to enjoy the delicacies. You can ultimately ask for directions to famous restaurants from the people in the lagoon or follow the instructions of Google Maps; there is a small note for you not familiar with that is to enter the name of the restaurant to a more precise location. And then a whole culinary village will appear in front of you, do not forget to enjoy outstanding dishes such as oyster milk porridge, stir-fried shrimp with garlic or king crab with tamarind sauce and many other seafood.

Một số món ăn chế biến lạ miệng từ hải sản tươi tại đầm Ô Loan

Some strange dishes from fresh seafood in O Loan Lagoon

Mang Lang Church’s peaceful scenery

The Mausoleum of the Mausoleum will be the final destination for our second travel day that VietNampeace would like to recommend. Mang Lang Church is the first book of the Vietnamese national language, with architecture in the ancient direction, flanked by bell towers and a cross in the middle. Over time, this place has witnessed many changes in Phu Yen. In the quiet afternoon, walking around Màng Lăng and contemplating one of the oldest buildings in our country, you will see the scene of the Catholic people waiting for the time to come to the ceremony. , with the hymn in harmony with the sound of the evening bell ringing behind the church door; looking up, the sunset gradually falls into the sunset, and the romantic and solemn spectacle will soon make you happy.

Nhà thờ Mằng Lăng lúc chiều tà

Màng Lăng Church is in the afternoon

Some specialties of Nua Island

Coming to Phu Yen, besides visiting and enjoying the beautiful scenery and eating seafood dishes in O Loan lagoon, if you have time, take advantage of walking around the center of Tuy Hoa city to explore other specialties such as eyes tuna is a dish with shiso and coriander leaves, which gives you a moderate level of fatness. Or the dish of a thunderstorm with a famous dish with a crunchy crust, an attractive aroma, the inner core has a toughness of fleshiness, and moderate wedge spice melts into the tongue, which will make you unable to stop.

Chả dông nem nướng đặc sản xứ Nẫu

Grilled spring rolls and baked Nua Island specialties.

Perhaps landing at VietNampeace to visit many places in Phu Yen in two days also made it feel extremely attractive, right? But a complete trip is indispensable, comfortable accommodation for you to rest and relax after a long day of exploring. Although Tuy Hoa City is not a famous tourist destination like Da Nang or Hanoi, you are assured that there are still many comfortable hotels to meet your requirements. Suppose you still do not know where to find a reliable hotel address. In that case, you can consult and book hotels right at VietNampeace so that VietNampeace has the opportunity to continue to accompany you.

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