Thien Phuc Duc Hill: A Haven for Wanderers

July 12, 2020 8 mins to read

Nestled in serene tranquility, Thien Phuc Duc Hill stands quietly, facing the majestic Langbiang, its untouched landscapes harmonizing with the highland air of the Central Highlands. This place becomes mystical for those who have yet to venture here.

The skillful interplay of each blade of grass and the branches of suburban trees provides an authentic experience of a land that beckons wandering souls. The ambiance captures the essence of a region that has long enticed travelers with its enchanting allure.

Đồi Thiên Phúc Đức làm lỡ nhịp bao trái tim (Ảnh: ST)

Thien Phuc Duc Hill missed the heartbeat (Image: ST)

Visiting Thien Phuc Duc Hill Cost

As Thien Phuc Duc Hill has not yet implemented tourism fees, it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, completely free of charge. So, feel free to come and experience moments amid the hills and nature without any worries about entrance fees!

Quyến rũ và thu hút từ vẻ hoang sơ. (Ảnh: ST)

Glamorous and attractive from the wild look. (Photo: ST)

What Makes Thien Phuc Duc Hill Special

For the avid traveler constantly yearning to explore new horizons, Thiên Phúc Đức Hill is an ideal destination. Facing the legendary Langbiang, a place that preserves the essence of love between two souls, this Hill radiates an air of legend and tranquility.

The billowing clouds surrounding the Hill are veiled by a thin mist that seems to embrace every step, inviting weary travelers searching for serenity amidst the bustling city life.

The journey up the Hill may be challenging with its winding, narrow dirt roads, but this meandering path creates a space for profound experiences and delightful discoveries. The contemplative silence of the endless pine forests, the lush green tea hills, and the distant small villages paint a vivid scene in the minds of those seeking the simplest pleasures.

Here is a place to cast away all worries and anxieties and embrace a youthful sky full of exciting adventures. So, what’s holding you back? Strap on your backpack and embark on the journey!

The Path to Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Though not far from the city, Thien Phuc Duc Hill offers the sensation of entering another world—a tranquil sanctuary. The journey to this Hill gradually unveils itself, and in the end, the road to the top is nothing more than a slight slope that locals have explored for years. Yet, the challenge provides the adventurous feeling of conquering the unknown.

From the foot of the Hill, a 20-minute walk will take you to your destination. Along the way, you can follow Google Maps or the guidance of friendly locals who are more than willing to help you find your way to the Hill.

Đường đi khó khăn không làm nản chí những người mê cái đẹp. (Ảnh: ST)

The problematic road does not discourage those who love beauty. (Photo: ST)

The hilltop isn’t towering, but it offers a panoramic view of the city below;
It’s not too crowded, allowing you to capture intimate photos without queuing;
There’s enough space for you and your friends to camp overnight and witness the sunrise.

What seems like scenes from a romantic movie becomes a tangible reality in a place where you’ve invested effort to conquer.

Thiên đường mây lý tưởng của đồi Thiên Phúc Đức. (Ảnh: ST)

Ideal cloud heaven of Thien Phuc Duc Hill. (Photo: ST)

The Untouched Beauty of Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Thien Phuc Duc Hill retains its pristine allure, making it a favorite spot for wanderers seeking simplicity and tranquility. Camping together, sharing moments by the golden campfire, and cloud chasing on the hills of Thiên Phúc Đức—these become unforgettable memories.

On a late autumn day, with misty clouds veiling the pathways and the moonlight gradually giving way to a softer sun, that’s when you truly see the beauty of this place.

Being a less-traveled destination, the surroundings seem immersed in the chill of the early morning fog, the purity of grass, and nature—the quintessence of this land harmonizing.

It’s as if all the hustle and bustle of the city fades away here. Stand up, stretch, and take a deep, long breath to savor the sensation of being in this place.

Mother Nature always keeps treasures until the time is right to unfold everything—a hidden gem in the tranquility of the most authentic, nature-crafted setting.

Every night, the thin mist becomes a gentle shroud, and looking down from the high Hill every morning, the drifting clouds beneath your feet create an inexplicable serenity. It’s like being embraced, conveying the message of the most unforgettable moments.

Stepping away from expectations of a distant memory, you can’t help but be astonished by the landscape here—amidst the serene space of mountains and forests, amidst the richness of nature. It vividly depicts the untouched aspect of a city faintly hidden in the mist.

With all the words dedicated by someone pouring their heart into Da Lat, any description of the emotions felt during sunrise, when underfoot is a sea of clouds, becomes ethereal. Sensations from the heart, full of vitality, from the source of energy, sensations that make the senses tremble at the marvel unfolding before them—a marvelous spectacle that words can’t fully capture and one you must experience when you come here. What’s there to worry about when cloud chasing is involved?

Cloud Chasing on Thien Phuc Duc Hill

What’s the best time for cloud chasing on Thien Phuc Duc Hill?

Situated on the outskirts, Thien Phuc Duc Hill requires an early start, especially if you’re in the city center. Following the directions, you’ll arrive at the Hill just as the sun rises.

The optimal time for cloud chasing on Thien Phuc Duc Hill is around sunrise, approximately 6 am. During this period, the clouds haven’t dispersed yet, and the mist covers the landscape, offering a truly magnificent view.

A new option for you is to camp overnight with a group of friends—an impressive squad might be the perfect solution for heartfelt late-night stories and witnessing a sunrise cloud chase, like a scene from a fairy tale.

Mây vờn núi trập trùng huyền ảo tại đồi Thiên Phúc Đức (Ảnh: ST)

Clouds and mountains coincide fancifully at Thien Phuc Duc hill (Image: ST)

How to chase clouds on Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Undoubtedly, many have watched cloud-chasing reviews on Thien Phuc Duc Hill before visiting Da Lat, right?

In the summer months, missing out on cloud chasing is a regrettable missed opportunity. Other months of the year often see more fog and less clouds. Therefore, elevated areas like Thien Phuc Duc Hill and Cau Dat Tea Hill have become ideal destinations for those who appreciate the fascinating beauty of nature.

Thien Phuc Duc Hill faces Langbiang Peak, offering just the correct elevation to witness clouds swirling around the hills and sometimes at your feet. Your mission is to find your way to the Hill and quietly admire the abundant beauty of nature.

Cloud chasing on Thien Phuc Duc Hill is no longer complex or unfamiliar. Tourist groups and backpackers often choose this Hill for cloud chasing, so you don’t need to worry too much if traveling alone.

Cả Đà Lạt dường như thu bé lại chỉ bằng một ánh nhìn... (Ảnh: ST)

Both Dalat seemed to shrink with just one look … (Image: ST)

Thien Phuc Duc Hill: A Place to Create Tranquil Memories Together

A morning in Da Lat can bring either playful sunshine or hurried rain, but it can never erase the memories you’ve created. As the sun sets, there’s enough time for you and your friends to quickly gather dry wood, set up camp, and have a comfortable night on the Hill. However, don’t overlook the sunset scene when the opportunity arises.

Đà Lạt thấp thoáng dưới làn sương mây mờ ảo (Ảnh: ST)

Da Lat loomed under the misty fog (Image: ST)

The contrasting hues come together to create a vivid painting of harmony. The serene atmosphere and the subtle melancholy of the soul enhance the surreal beauty of this place.

As dawn arrives, every creature seems to awaken from a deep sleep, and the early morning mist has yet to dissipate. At this moment, the sun is just emerging on the horizon, and each sunbeam shines directly through every gap in the leaves, enough to wake you up and marvel at the sunrise from the high Hill.

View tuyệt đẹp từ đỉnh đồi Thiên Phúc Đức. (Ảnh: ST)

Beautiful view from the top of Thien Phuc Duc hill. (Photo: ST)

Unlike the calm of sunny days, which dry the leaves and grass after the gentle morning mist or a drizzle, Thien Phuc Duc Hill brings a somber gray hue on rainy mornings.

Days of sunshine playfully forgotten by the old waves are also heavy days laden with deep emotions. However, in the quietness of rainy days, everyone yearns to see the sun’s rays, capture artistic moments, listen to the pattering sound of rain, and contemplate a gentle and steadfast Thien Phuc Duc Hill.

Quyến rũ và thu hút từ vẻ hoang sơ. (Ảnh: ST)

Waking up at 5 am, when the sun is still not present, is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery early in the morning. (Photo: ST)

Mặt trời ló dạng hòa cùng mây mờ sông núi. (Ảnh: ST)

The sun appears in harmony with the clouds of the mountains and rivers. (Photo: ST)

Đà Lạt hồng tím mộng mơ lúc chiều về. (Ảnh: ST)

Dalat pink dreaming purple in the afternoon. (Photo: ST)

Màn đêm sương sao dày đặc thật quyến rũ đối với mỗi người đã đặt chân đến đây! (Ảnh: ST)

The night of dense dew is fascinating to every person who has set foot here! (Photo: ST)

Cắm trại qua đêm để cảm nhận màn sương đêm hay sáng sớm lành lạnh cùng không khí trong lành vô cùng nơi đây... (Ảnh: ST)

Camp overnight to feel the mist of the night or early morning cool with the fresh air here … (Image: ST)

Cây thông... không cô đơn! (Ảnh: ST)

Pine … not lonely! (Photo: ST)

Cắm trại bên cùng bạn bè, nhâm nhi cốc trà nóng và cùng thưởng thức tiên cảnh nơi đây thì còn gì bằng! (Ảnh: ST)

Camp with friends, sip hot tea, and enjoy a fairy-tale landscape! (Photo: ST)

Hope the shared information about Thien Phuc Duc Hill reviews helps you have a truly wonderful trip. Don’t forget to share your stories about your Dalat journeys with Vietnampeace so we can continue to weave endless tales about this land!

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