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“Echoing a time” Da Lat Railway Station is the most ancient and beautiful in Vietnam

About 500 meters to the east of Dalat city center, Dalat Railway Station is considered to be the most beautiful and ancient station that exists today in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Let’s discover the beauty of this famous Da Lat tourist destination with Vntrip.vn!

History of Dalat Railway Station

Dalat Railway Station is the ancient serrated train station of Dalat city. Constructed by the French in 1932. Until 1938, the station was put into operation with the Phan Rang – Da Lat railway. This railway is longer than 80 km with serrated tracks to climb hills and mountains. The railway was maintained after the French withdrew from our country, until 1972, it was completely stopped because of the war.

At present, Da Lat station has been put into operation as a tourist and photography site. Besides, the station also serves the needs of Linh Phuoc Pagoda travel along the Da Lat railway station to Trai Mat with a length of 7km.

What does Dalat Railway Station have?

Shaped like a mountain of Lang Biang, with a length of about 66m, a width of 11.4m, a height of 11m, Dalat station looks like a station of the South of France but still contains its own substances, but only the people only come here to feel it.

Dalat Lam Dong railway station was built next to Yersin High School in Da Lat, creating a harmonious setting between nature and the whole unity between buildings. The station is built according to the modern Western architectural style, with the front with three stylized pyramids from the three highest peaks of Lang Biang and the unique image of the West Highland roof. In the middle roof is the clock, below is the design of full-color glass windows and soft curves of the porch.

With the ground organized according to the principle of symmetry through the square axes, the massiveness of this architecture is clearly shown through the concrete roof rafters with a height of up to 6m. The ancient architecture is still preserved almost completely, the stained glass doors create light effect for the entire area inside the station, especially the national language words “Journey to the far-end”, “Notice for train hours”, …

Ancient designs are still preserved today

The train route of Dalat Station is 84km long. In which, through 5 tunnels with a high slope, it is necessary to use the rail system and the serrated locomotive. The total length to use sawtooth design is 16km.

The cog railway from Da Lat station became a unique architecture and design of our country and the world. Every day, there are 3 fleets of ships going along 3 routes: Thap Cham – Da Lat – Nha Trang, Thap Cham – Da Lat, Saigon – Thap Cham – Dalat operating. Dalat Railway Station and Hai Phong Railway Station are the most ancient stations left in our country.

However, at present the station is no longer operating as before, but only for tourism. Dalat Railway Station has become a tourist destination and has many pictures taken by tourists. With a distance of 7km, on the old train, it is quite slow and loud but still is a service that visitors feel excited to experience once.

The beauty “resounded once” of Dalat train station

Ticket price to visit Dalat Station is 5,000 VND / person. The station is a historical evidence kept to date, voted by domestic and foreign tourists as a tourist destination in Da Lat not to be missed. Dalat City Railway Station is not only beautiful with its design but also owns many records:

Dalat Railway Station is the only place where steam locomotives are kept

  • The only station still retains the steam locomotive and the serrated track.
  • Oldest station with unique design and architecture.
  • The highest station, located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level.
  • The most beautiful station in Vietnam

Previously, Da Lat station used 4 small cars. Maximum of 80 passengers at a time. In particular, at present, the station has put into operation two new wagons with a capacity of 128 passengers to serve the increasing travel demand.

Places to visit near Dalat Station

In addition to enjoying the ancient and unique beauty of the old railway station in Dalat, you can combine travel to nearby locations such as Lam Vien square, Ho Xuan Huong, college of teachers Pham Da Lat, hydrangeas garden, …

If you have the opportunity to visit the flower city of Dalat, do not forget to take some time to visit Dalat Railway Station to feel the achievements as well as enjoy the unique features of the building architecture and save yourself the memories. Nice memory of Dalat!

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