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Relics Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River – Past and present.

“The way a river loves and misses it,

We have a bridge and our debt is far away … ”

Nearly 63 years from the days of Hien Luong Bridge had to buck up against storms of bombs, bullets and artillery to fill the sky to get a peaceful and relaxed Hien Luong Bridge like today. Join VietNampeace back in time to learn about the relics of Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River.

The original name of this bridge in Quang Tri is Minh Luong. The name was taken from the time of King Minh Mang, because of fear of a criminal, so the people here changed to Hien Luong. The original Ben Hai River is also called the Ben Bald River because the word “bald” in the local language reads roughly the same as the word “hai”.

Cầu Hiền Lương - sông Bến Hải

Photo of Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River (collectibles).

Hien Luong – Ben Hai banks are the names associated with the historical complexes surrounding the banks of the Ben Hai river and Hien Luong bridge – historical witnesses before the “Split country” scene, before the persistent resistance war. The whole nation of Vietnam during the anti-American resistance war in 1954.

Cầu Hiền Lương - sông Bến Hải trước kia

Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River in the past (Photo: Collectibles).

The reason this place was chosen by the US as a place to divide our country is to create internal conflicts to facilitate the rule (Like the scene of separating South Korea and North Korea but so far has not been able to “go to the same house”. ”) Is due to the special location of the two banks here on the Vietnamese strip. This historical cluster is located on the 17th parallel from the West to the East on the map of Vietnam and is also located at the intersection of National Highway 1A and the Ben Hai River , the southern bank of Xuan Hoa village, Trung Hai commune. , Do Linh district, on the north bank of Hien Luong village, Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Linh district invisible “split” the country.

Cầu Hiền Lương - sông Bến Hải bị sơn màu chia cắt

Photo of Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River is divided by color (collect).

In July 1954 (one of the most memorable historical events during the nation’s long struggle to save the nation), after the resistance war against France came to victory, France and Vietnam Nam signed the Geneve Agreement, restoring peace in Vietnam on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of all three countries.

Tượng Đài Khát Vọng Thống Nhất ở sông bến Hải - cầu Hiền Lương

Photos of the Monument of Unified Aspiration collected.

Hien Luong Bridge , the Ben Hai river has buckled to suffer so much pain and loss during 20 years in the war against America, enduringly waiting for the independence and great victory of the spring of 1975. our country officially reconnects the Hien Luong – Ben Hai banks.

Cầu Hiền Lương - sông Bến Hải

Photo of Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River collected.

In 2003, our country restored the system of historical relics, creating favorable conditions for tourists to visit and remember the once-dramatic tragic past of the nation “drooping mud – getting up – bright ”.

Thành cổ Quảng Trị

Photo collected by Quang Tri Citadel.

More than half a decade has passed, the “fire land” of the past has changed flesh. The land of smoke and smoke of the past year has given way to vast fields of rice, pepper, and green rubber forests. Along the banks of the Ben Hai River are now rich shrimp farming areas that have contributed significantly to poverty reduction here.

Di tích cầu Hiền Lương - sông Bến Hải hiện tại

Photo of Hien Luong Bridge Relics – Ben Thuy River collected.

The relic system of Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River has been revived day by day with the contribution of people here. Come visit this place to be calmed down, remembering a time when our nation was coated.


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