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Trang An Binh Travel self-sufficient, backpacking from A to Z

Having appeared in many famous blockbusters such as Thien Menh Hung, Tam Cam of untold stories or Kong: Skull Island, Trang An Ninh Binh is a destination that attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists because it is here. the Creator bestowed the majestic beauty of immature country. Here are the most self-sufficient Trang An Binh travel experiences: how to move, places to visit, eat … that VietNampeace.vn shares with you!

What is the best time to visit Trang An?

From January to March of the lunar calendar is the best time for you to travel to Trang An. At this time the weather is not too cold, the sky is clear and less rain so it is quite convenient to sit on the boat and visit the scenic spots. This season is also the season with many festivals taking place here, which can be combined with visiting festivals or praying to the temple.

If going in July to September, then in Trang An is now in the ripe rice season. For those who like to watch the golden rice fields on the boat, you cannot miss this time. In June the weather is a bit hot but the sky is clear and little rain, in addition to this is the time when the lotus season in full bloom is also very suitable for sightseeing. In November and December, the weather is bad and rainy so you should avoid Trang An at this time.

How to move to Trang An Ninh Binh?

Nearly 100 km south of the center of Hanoi, you can reach Ninh Bang by many ways such as trains, buses or personal vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Road to Trang An from Ninh Binh city is not difficult to go, moreover when traveling Trang An you have the opportunity to experience one of the following 2 travel routes:


This is a form of moving in Trang An historic area extremely interesting. You can both enjoy the scenery on every road you have just had the opportunity to explore the ancient, wild but magnificent, magnificent places. This route starts from Cay Bang wharf, visitors will have to go through three consecutive passes.

From the journey to admire the beauty of Cay Pass, you will climb over Vai pass before stopping at Tran Temple Pass. Today, this road has been rebuilt into wide, easy-going stone steps, featuring 7 octagonal wooden floors as a base for mountain climbers.

Waterways combined with climbing

du lịch tràng an ninh bình

Discovering Trang An Binh by boat is an unforgettable experience for tourists (photo st)

Travelers who prefer to travel to the mountains and mountains will enjoy the feeling of sitting on a floating boat on the waves through 12 caves and 3 spiritual places for 3 hours. Starting from the central marina, you will be able to pocket extremely beautiful photos when passing Dia Linh cave, Dark cave, Sang cave, and Ruou Wine cave.

After that, you get off the boat and climb nearly 500 steps to Tran temple, then continue the journey on the boat to Sinh cave, Si cave, Ba Giot cave, Seo cave, Son Duong cave … Go visit Khong government, pagoda Be filial then continue your journey to explore Khong, Tran and Quy Hau caves and return to the starting point, ending the trip.

Places to visit in Trang An

Admission to Trang An is 200,000 VND for adults and 100,000 VND for children under 1.4 m. This fare includes boat tickets to Trang An to visit by waterway across Sao Khe river. Each boat can accommodate about 4-5 people and the journey takes about 3-4 hours.

Trinh Temple

Trinh Temple is a place of worship for two princesses of Dinh Dynasty, Ta Thanh Tru and Huu Thanh Tru. During their reign, they were the two generals to oversee the king’s gold store. Legend has it that when Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang died, they had hidden the small Dinh Toan king here to avoid the arrest of Le Hoan. When Empress Duong Van Nga handed over the cloak to give the throne to the Shogun Le Hoan, the two men did not surrender and thrived in this area. People mourned to build a temple on the side of the mountain to worship them.

đền trình tràng an

Trinh Temple – A thousand-year-old sacred temple in Trang An (photo st)

Tran Temple

This is the place to worship Quy Minh, the god of the frontier town south of Hoa Lu four towns. Tran Ninh Binh Temple Festival takes place on the 18th of the third lunar month every year, along with the festival of Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh pagoda festival is the big festival in Ninh Binh. If you have the opportunity to visit Trang An around this time, you will enjoy the bustling festive atmosphere at this sacred temple.

Phu Kong

Phu Khong lies on a narrow strip of land, leaning against the cave Khong, to the right is a rocky mountain range, in front of a vast valley of water. This is the place to worship 7 loyal officials of Dinh dynasty, associated with the legends when King Dinh Tien Hoang died. The people have set up a temple and planted a tree in front of the palace to commemorate the loyal subjects. The beautiful scenery of Phu Khong made Trang An tourists surprised and admired.

phủ khống tràng an

Phu Khong place of worship of 7 loyal officials of Dinh dynasty (picture st)

Dia Linh cave

The first destination on the journey starting from the river boat landing is Dia Linh cave. The cave is 260 meters long with many stalactites staggering down. You seem to be lost in the treasure of fossil stalactites full of mystery and originality. You will be able to enjoy the charming picture of water, but no less majestic and magnificent when standing in front of the cave. What could be better than gathering up your collection of super selfies right?

Wine Cavern

Ruou Lau has a groundwater depth of more than 10m, it is said that the ancestors had come here to get water to cook wine to the king. You can reflect yourself in the magical reflection between the beautiful blue water.

Three Drops Cave

Ba Giot cave has many stalactites with colorful colors. The stalactites in Ba Giot cave are not as dry as previous caves but wet and continue to transform with new and unique shades. Sinh Cave, Si Cave and Ba Giot Cave are associated with the legend of a sad love story. Once upon a time, the dude loved the princess very much. When he took the ceremony to Sanh cave to propose, she was paid tribute to her neighbor. He went to Ba Giot cave to take a bath, then hugged his own love in Si cave. Legend has it that anyone who went through Ba Gioc cave and received three drops of water from a small stalactite into the palm of his hand will be blessed in life and happy in love.

hang ba giọt tràng an

Ba Giot Cave – a place associated with the legend of a sad love story (picture st)

What to eat and drink in Trang An?

Traveling to Trang An , you will not be able to miss the famous Ninh Binh delicacies . You can enjoy the crunchy taste of each fat piece of burnt yellow rice. Or the aroma of roasted glutinous rice, the sour taste of vinegar intermingled with the warm spicy taste of ginger with garlic, chilli, pepper, lemongrass blended into a fish salad. Or the characteristic aroma of guava leaves forms the beautiful outer skin of sour Ninh Ninh spring rolls.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many Ninh Binh specialties such as Hoa Lu re-goat, boiled mountain snail, roasted crab with guise leaves, eggplant, tilapia sour soup of Total Truong, To Nhu vermicelli noodles, Nho Quan egg sticky rice. , Gia Vien shrimp sauce, Nho Quan wine, floating cake, braised fish, …. Those are just a few dishes in the Ninh Binh culinary store that you need to taste as soon as you arrive in Trang An.

ăn gì ở tràng an

There are many delicious Ninh Binh dishes for you to choose when traveling Trang An (picture st)

Some note when visiting Trang An

– If you go in the summer, you should prepare more conical hats and sunscreen; If you are traveling during the rainy season, please bring a thin raincoat to avoid affecting your visit.

– The water in Trang An is quite deep but the tour is mainly by boat so you should remember to rent a life jacket. Also do not forget to prepare enough water to drink for your journey.

– Before shopping you should ask prices carefully to avoid being hacked.

– When visiting Trang An, if you want to stop taking photos, please talk with the ferryman, they will stop for you to take pictures.

Above is the Trang An travel experience that VietNampeace.vn summarizes. Wish you have a fun journey and many interesting experiences when coming to this beautiful land.


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