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July 18, 2020 2 mins to read

Although developing tourism for a long time, Con Dao still has many unique features: taciturn, quiet, and busy; many landscapes remain wild and natural. However, because Con Dao is a small island, the aircraft to come here is also a particular type. Find out below with Vietnampeace!

máy bay đi Côn Đảo

Beautiful scene in Con Dao

Information about Con Dao airport

Con Dao Airport is a civil airport in combination with military flights and operates only 12/24 hours.

máy bay đi Côn Đảo

Con Dao Airport

Book a flight to Con Dao. You will come and stop at Con Son airport, located in the north, 14 km from the center of town. To move to the city, you can rent a taxi ranging from 300,000 VND to 400,000 VND / journey.

If traveling in groups, you can rent a car to the center. Car rental is about 350,000 VND / time. You can also take a motorbike taxi, but you will have to move outside the airport area.

Máy bay đi Côn Đảo

Overview of Con Dao Airport

The airline has a flight to Con Dao.

Currently, only Vietnam Airlines operates a route to Con Dao. Vietjet and Jetstar are planning to open routes to Con Dao shortly.

Máy bay đi Côn Đảo

Particular aircraft to Con Dao of Vietnam Airlines

Type of aircraft to Con Dao

The flight to/from Con Dao is operated by ATAS-72 aircraft (a member company of Vietnam Airlines). The reason for the short runway is that it can only be operated by small ATR-72 jets but cannot operate with larger aircraft.

Máy bay đi Côn Đảo


In terms of quantity, due to the small airport and the number of aircraft serving Con Dao trip to the island, there is an average of only 8-10 flights from Ho Chi Minh City / Can Tho to Con Dao. Therefore, you should schedule early to book a ticket because air tickets to Con Dao are very fast.

Máy bay đi Côn Đảo

In addition, the demand for passengers flying to Con Dao is vast, but Con Dao Airport has no lights at night. Therefore, the last flight from Con Dao to Ho Chi Minh City before 16h.

Máy bay đi Côn Đảo

Air ticket price to Con Dao

Specific prices are as follows:

  • Flight Saigon – Con Dao: exploited by Vietnam Airlines with a frequency of 9 flights/day
  • Flight Can Tho – Con Dao: With the frequency of 2 flights/day.

Because the ticket price is usually not fixed, to find a ticket to Con Dao, you should directly search for tickets on VietNampeace or contact CS via Hotline: 0963 266 688

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